0,99 MW Electrical capacity; 7-9 MW Thermal capacityThe live steam is delivered to distillery.
Heat is delivered to district heating network.
Fuel- wood-based biomass (bark, wood chips and forest residue chips)
Project execution: January 2012-December 2013
CHP Estonia

Main equipment

Boiler Grate/BFB type
Steam Turbine (Turbine inlet steam pressure (bar) 26.0
Turbine inlet steam temperature (Deg C) 400
Power at generator terminals (kWe @ 400 V, 50 Hz) 99
Turbine type – multistage back-pressure

Scope of supply

• Equipment, installation
• Steam boiler
• Economizer
• Combustion Air system
• Bottom –And 2nd Pass Ash handling
• Flue Gas System
• Fly Ash System
• Feed Water system
• Water Treatment System
• District Heat System
• Automation and Control system
• Steam Turbine &Generator Set
• Electrical system
• Building &Steel Structures
• Commissioning, operator training
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