FILTER offers high-quality thermal and steam-based boilers/generators by collaborating with leading OEMs to meet specific needs of a wide array of micro, small and medium clients- power generation, district heating, food processing industry, agricultural industry, paper and pulp industry, timber industry, glass and ceramics industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, shipping industry, etc.

The systems can be easily configured for natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), biogas, light and heavy oils, solid and liquid biofuels.

 Steam Boiler*  175 – 55 000 kg/h; Up to 30 bar
 Steam Generator  FIRED  100 – 12 700 kW; 60 – 20 000 kg/h; Up to 150 bar.g
 UN-FIRED  50 – 3 500 kW; 100 – 6 000 kg/h; Up to 5 bar.g
 Water Boilers*  120 – 38 000 kW; Up to 30 bar

* Water-Tube/Fire-Tube options available

Our scope involves feasibility study, design and engineering, delivery, integration, installation, commissioning to service of boilers and steam generators. The philosophy for design of our boilers and steam generators surround around high energy savings, efficiency/reduced life cycle cost and reliability through maximum availabilty. This way, we are always looking to deliver optimized products helping clients utilize the idea of engineering leverage.

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