FILTER offers burners for gas and liquid fuels and ensures all round availability of spare parts for the supplied burner. We also specialize in converting existing fuel burners to a fuel of choice. For example, the conversion of an oil burner to natural gas or vice versa. Further, we offer the opportunity to save fuel through the upgrade of the burner control automation (fuel saving is possible due to precise control of the burner operation by optimizing the combustion air quantity in the flue gas leaving the measured oxygen or oxygen and carbon dioxide content in continuous measurement mode).

Our personnel are well trained to install and effectively maintain various types of burners. During maintenance work, we constantly look for ways to leverage the burner and provide advice to client. We comprehensively run down the following steps during checks:

  • The efficiency of the combustion is determined by controlling the oxygen and carbon monoxide content of the exhaust fumes.
  • Based on the measurement results, we set the burner to optimum combustion mode.

The burners find their usage according to the following categorization:


Gas/Oil fired boilers, Thermal oil heaters, Fluidized bed boilers, Recovery boilers, Grate boilers, Rotary kilns, Hot air generators and Process furnaces

District heating plants, Power plants and CHPs, Pulp and Paper, Waste-to-Energy, Hazardous waste incineration, Food processing, Agriculture, Glass and Ceramics, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry, Metallurgy, Textile industry, Transportation and Marine

The following parameters help us in selecting the most suitable burner for your application:
- Fuel type
- Boiler power and efficiency or required burner efficiency
- Boiler back pressure
- Fuel pressure before the burner
- Burner control: step-fired or modulating

Should you need any assistance, please feel free to write or call us. We will get back to you at the soonest.

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* All our products are supported by full range of Spare Parts 

Our product range includes burners and accessories from Oilon.

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