A lot of water treatment facilities in both water resource management and industry, which have been in use for many years, can no longer provide the needed amount of water meeting all the quality requirements. At the same time it is essential to ensure compliance with the existing environmental safety regulations.

A daily operation of an enterprise requires consideration of such objectives as efficiency, competitiveness and export capacity. The aforementioned conditions motivate taking a totally new approach to technological solutions.

Filter offers our customers water treatment system equipment survey based on our in-depth expertise and a vast wealth of practical experience in this professional field.

The aim of the survey is to analyze the current situation, subsystems and solutions, and if necessary, install metering points. Water treatment system equipment survey is performed by Filter with regard to such aspects as the payback period, energy saving, reliability of supply and environmental safety.

The survey is completed with a summary, which includes proposals for improvements as well as investment estimate. The focal point in the solution development process is the cost basis reduction of the product net cost, which will ensure continuous competitiveness of the enterprise. If needed, we involve experts and testing laboratories. Implementation of the survey recommendations can help achieve high quality result in a resource-efficient way.

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