Containerized boiler house unit with 3914 kg/h steam generator

Containerized boiler house unit with 3914 kg/h steam generator
Metai 2022
Vieta Estonia
  • Farmacija ir chemija
  • Projektavimas ir inžinerija, 
  • Įrangos montavimas ir paleidimas, 
  • Automatika, 
  • Techninė priežiūra ir aptarnavimas po pardavimo
  • Katilinės, 
  • Garo ir kondensato sistemos, 
  • Siurbliai
  • Mobiliosios konteinerinės katilinės, 
  • Garo katilai, 
  • Degikliai, 
  • Siurbliai, 
  • Valdymo sistemos, 
  • Matavimo įranga, 
  • Sklendės ir kita vamzdyno įranga

Containerized boiler house with steam generator unit solution for pharma company

In the world of industrial energy solutions, mobility and efficiency are key. That’s why our cutting-edge containerized Clayton steam generator, ingeniously housed within a standard 20″ shipping container, offers a self-sustaining steam supply system. This system can be swiftly deployed on-site and relocated with ease as the need arises. It’s the epitome of versatility in energy solutions.

SteamBox 7 has already found a new home, having been purchased by the pharma company located in Estonia. But don’t worry – another mobile boiler houses are currently available for rent. So, if you’re looking for an agile, reliable, and mobile steam generation solution, we’ve got you covered. We can also design and build a completely new containerized boiler house, taking into account the customer’s needs and wishes.


  • 3914 kg/h Steam output
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