Turnkey steam boiler house solution

Turnkey steam boiler house solution
Metai 2020
Vieta Estonia
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Boilerhouse solution with energy recovery features for cheese factory

Introducing a new turnkey steam boilerhouse solution equipped with flash steam recovery and condensating economizers tailored for a cheese factory. The design incorporates two boilers, each capable of producing 5 t/h steam, with an additional 5 t/h backup, totaling 15 t/h @ 10 bar steam capacity. These boilers are fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG), with one burner utilizing a combination of LNG and shale oil. A key feature of the system is the incorporation of hot economizers for feedwater and condensing economizers. The economizers are integrated into two boilers, operating as a single unit. Each hot economizer extracts 164.61 kW, while the condensing economizers contribute 329.95 kW each, resulting in a total extraction of 494.56 kW from flue gas per boiler. Furthermore, the dual fuel boiler exclusively utilizes hot economizers for feedwater. This comprehensive solution ensures efficient steam generation while maximizing energy recovery from the flue gases, ultimately enhancing the sustainability and productivity of the cheese factory operations.

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