Water treatment plant installation for brewery

Water treatment plant installation for brewery
Metai 2019
Vieta Lithuania
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  • Automatika, 
  • Įrangos montavimas ir paleidimas, 
  • Techninė priežiūra ir aptarnavimas po pardavimo
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  • Vandens ruošimo įranga

Delivering quality brewing solutions

To produce exceptional beer, it is imperative that the water utilized is of premium quality, devoid of chemicals, pesticides, and any impurities. Hence, the necessity arises for water softening and degassing. We are proud to have successfully designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned a water softening and degassing system 80 m3/h for one of Lithuania’s foremost breweries. Furthermore, our commitment extends to providing continuous servicing for the water treatment system, guaranteeing its peak performance and enduring reliability.

  • 80 m3/h Flow rate
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