Water treatment softening plant for dairy processing

Water treatment softening plant for dairy processing
Metai 2021
Vieta Latvia
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Enhancing dairy processing through advanced water softening solutions

Water softening is of paramount importance in dairy processing as it directly impacts the quality and consistency of the final products. Our comprehensive solution comprised the delivery and installation of water softening plants, including 2xSTFA20 units with a capacity of 53m3/h each, and 2xSM62 units with a capacity of 2.4m3/h each, tailored for a dairy processing company. The 2xSM62 softening units serve as additional water sources for two deaerators, while the 2xSTFA20 units are designated as the primary water source for production purposes. Our automation engineers executed an exemplary job in implementing a Siemens PLC-based control system and SCADA control system. The reliable supply of softened water provided by our solution is integral to maintaining the stringent quality standards expected in dairy processing, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction and market competitiveness.

  • 2x53m3/h 2xSTFA20
  • 2x2.4m3/h 2xSM62
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