LPG station 19 MW solution

LPG station 19 MW solution
Metai 2024
Vieta Lithuania
  • Packaging industry
  • Įrangos montavimas ir paleidimas, 
  • Automatika, 
  • Techninė priežiūra ir aptarnavimas po pardavimo
  • Katilinės, 
  • Kogeneracija
  • Vandens šildymo katilai

Improving PET manufacturing efficiency by our customized LPG station 19 MW solution

Introducing our efficient LPG Station 19 MW solution, designed for the specific needs of a company specializing in PET manufacturing for food and beverage packaging. Our solution included the installation of LPG tanks, an evaporator, a containerized hot water boiler house, and an advanced control system, all tailored to fit the client’s requirements. In addition to equipment delivery, our services covered installation, electrification, process automation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance support. FILTER not only ensures the successful implementation of the project but also guarantees its sustained efficiency and reliability over time.

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