Municipal biomass boiler house 7.5 MW

Municipal biomass boiler house 7.5 MW
Metai 2021
Vieta Latvia
  • Energijos gamyba ir galios generavimas, 
  • Savivaldybės
  • Projektavimas ir inžinerija, 
  • Įrangos montavimas ir paleidimas, 
  • Automatika
  • Katilinės
  • Vandens šildymo katilai

Enhancing municipal boiler house efficiency

The project involved the reconstruction of a municipal boiler house, including the installation of a new 7.5 MW biomass boiler and the integration of a flue gas condenser. This condenser was carefully engineered to complement both the existing steam boiler and the newly introduced biomass water-heated boiler, effectively increasing the facility’s power capacity by up to 1.5 MW. Additionally, advancements in automation were introduced through the implementation of a unified control system, enhancing operational efficiency within the boiler house. In alignment with regulatory standards, an electrostatic filter was incorporated to reduce emissions. The project successfully achieved its goal of reducing energy and fuel consumption in the heat energy production processes of the boiler house.

  • 7.5 MW Thermal output
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