HYDROGEN – a CO2-free fuel source

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HYDROGEN – a CO2-free fuel source

With its potential as a CO2-free fuel source and its ability to be stored, hydrogen (H2) is an important part of the energy transition. Some of the world’s largest economies – the US, Japan, EU countries, China, and Canada, for example – have committed to large-scale investment in H2 technology this decade with the belief that sufficient amounts of hydrogen will be available as a carbon-free fuel by 2030.

Smart investment in hydrogen technologies

Well suited in engines for power, heat and/or cooling generation, H2 can be integrated with solar, wind, or other renewable technologies to form the backbone of your 100% renewable microgrid. When using green hydrogen in engines, you can even achieve a zero-carbon emission solution.

INNIO is the market leader in hydrogen solutions for engines, and these products are available today. By investing now in INNIO’s Jenbacher “Ready for H2” technology, you will be ready for a hydrogen-based economy. With Jenbacher H2 engines, you can run your plant on conventional pipeline gas and flexibly start mixing in H2. The switch to a CO2-free operation can be done with an engine conversion when hydrogen becomes more readily available.

A 1 MW CHP plant running on about 4,000 operating hours per year on conventional gas has current yearly emissions of about 2,500 tons of CO2. When operating with 100% H2, the same plant based on the current CO2 price of around 80 €/ton from the EU Emission Trading Systems (ETS) would save a total of €160,000 per year.

Solutions and products by Jenbacher today

FILTER is INNIO Jenbacher gas engines authorized distributor and service partner. We provide flexible and innovative Jenbacher CHP (cogeneration) and CCHP (trigeneration) power plant solutions up to 10MWe power output and applications that run on a variety of energy sources.

Learn more about our heat and power plant solutions

We are offering upgrades for existing plants or install new ones. Whether you choose to convert your current Jenbacher engine plant to „Ready for H2” operation, accepting up to 25% (vol) of hydrogen in pipeline gas, or opt for one of our Type 4 100% H2 engines, you are making a smart investment choice. Combining the electrical energy of hydrogen with heat generation can significantly increase the overall efficiency of the hydrogen power plant solution.

1 Conventional gas
2 Subject to required modifications for the certification of the fuel gas components. A modification of the maintenance schedule for such components may be required.
In general, “Ready for H2” Jenbacher units can be converted to operate on up to 100% hydrogen in the future. Details on the cost and timeline for a future conversion may vary and need to be clarified individually.

Learn more about Jenbacher gas engines

3 ways to use hydrogen with Jenbacher engines

H2 in pipeline gas
All new Jenbacher plants are “Ready for H2”. In addition, engine variants with a corresponding option can be operated with up to 25% (vol) of H2 in the pipeline gas. As hydrogen availability increases, all new plants and most of the currently installed Jenbacher natural gas engines can be converted to run on 100% hydrogen.

H2 locally admixed to pipeline gas
Up to 60% (vol) hydrogen content can be admixed to pipeline gas for use in specific versions of Jenbacher Type 2, 3, 4, and 6 engines. Type 4 engines and CHP systems are available today as dual-gas-fuel solutions capable of running on 100% conventional gas, 100% hydrogen, or mixtures of pipeline gas and hydrogen.

100% H2 as an energy source
Jenbacher Type 4 engines and CHP systems are now available for operation exclusively on hydrogen. These plants are CO2-free by design.

Benefits of hydrogen power generation

  • Rely on proven technology: Build on proven and established engine technology that enables you to flexibly move to 100% H2 operation. Our upgrade can be done during an overhaul.
  • Flexibly move to sustainable energy: Although H2 is a rare energy source today, this will change over time. With your Jenbacher “Ready for H2” plant, you won’t lose momentum. You can move as fast as H2 availability progresses and harvest the green potential.
  • Meet future emission goals: Once your proven Jenbacher power plant is operating with 100% H2, you’ll have a CO2-free energy solution.
  • Improve resource efficiency: With CHP efficiency as high as 95%, about one-third of the H2 fuel can be saved versus power generation alone. And, by running our H2 technology in CHP mode, you can help drive the energy transition as you generate CO2-free heat.
  • Help ensure supply security: With their dispatchability, Jenbacher engines can help balance the intermittence of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar and help maintain the resilience of the electrical grid.
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