FILTER joined Green Tiger initiative

Naujienos Tvarumas 1. rugpjūčio 2022
FILTER joined Green Tiger initiative

Sustainable solutions in industry is a matter of great significance to us, which is why we’ve chosen to join the Green Tiger initiative in Estonia. The Green Tiger, or ‘Rohetiiger’ in Estonian, is a collaborative platform spanning across various sectors. Its mission is to establish a sustainable economic model for Estonia and the world at large. The Green Tiger serves as a platform where businesses, the public sector, the private sector, and individuals come together to work towards this common goal. The vision of the Green Tiger implies that by 2025 Estonia will have developed a plan for the transition to an economy which is in equilibrium with nature.

Sustainable energy and water saving solutions

Filter Group CEO, Egert Killing, emphasizes the growing importance of environmental responsibility in our daily lives. Industries are indispensable to our lives, yet their resource intensity often takes a toll on our planet. Both energy and water face escalating demands and limitations in numerous regions due to economic expansion, population growth, and the effects of climate change.

„Not only is it a matter of duty, but ‘going green’ is also motivated by the ever-rising costs of essential resources like energy and water. Therefore, it’s crucial that we place the highest value on our natural resources and understand the need to use them sustainably and thoughtfully.”

Egert Killing, Filter Group CEO
Salaspils Siltums solar district heating plant

Salaspils Siltums solar district heating plant in Latvia

Throughout our history, Filter has been dedicated to helping industrial companies in Estonia and our neighboring regions become more environmentally conscious. We provide sustainable solutions focused on conserving energy and water. The Green Tiger platform offers an excellent opportunity for broader discussions and brainstorming. Together, we can explore the next steps to make Estonian companies more eco-friendly and competitive on the global stage.

Green Tiger roadmaps for balanced economy

If we aspire to elevate our society to the next level, we must seek a new model that fosters development without contributing to the degradation of the natural environment. This is what the Green Tiger refers to as a balanced economy.

Within the Green Tiger, a coalition of over 80 companies and organizations, members have been engaged in a comprehensive analysis of different sectors of the economy, all with the goal of finding ways to harmonize economic activities with the environment. The ideas generated have undergone rigorous evaluation by a panel of esteemed scientists affiliated with the Green Tiger, ensuring their foundation in knowledge and research. Subsequently, the insights and recommendations of participants have been conveyed to an expert committee within the Government’s Green Policy Steering Committee, of which the Green Tiger is a part.

The Green Tiger has successfully concluded The Energy Roadmap, outlining potential future energy solutions for Estonia. These solutions aim to ensure the required security of energy supply while aligning with the nation’s climate objectives. Should the recommendations presented in the Green Tiger’s Energy Roadmap be adopted, a substantial portion of Estonia’s heat and electricity consumption could be met through renewable sources by 2030.

Furthermore, the Construction Roadmap, expected to be finalized in spring 2023, proposes the initiation of pilot projects for assessing the carbon footprint of new public buildings and infrastructure, commencing in 2024. This plan also includes the establishment of allowable CO2 footprint limits by 2025. The mandate for carbon footprint assessment would extend to the private sector from 2025, with the enforcement of permitted limits commencing in 2026.

„We believe that Estonia is the best country for the creation and implementation of innovative solutions. The future belongs to such economies, which provides motivation for making changes to support sustainability in companies and allows their results to be measured. Joining the Green Transition will in the end be cheaper than not doing it, and those opposing the change will eventually become the biggest losers. It is Estonians who can become the people to first achieve a balanced economy and set an example for the rest of the world.”

Green Tiger

Is your industry looking for sustainable energy and water solutions?

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