Hibridiniai garo ir vandens šildymo katilai, kiti specialios paskirties katilai

Our hybrid steam and hot water boilers seamlessly integrate conventional fired shell boiler technology with electrical flange heating elements. Harness the power of electricity for fuel substitution, to cover peak loads, or to expand the control range. Our specialized boiler solutions utilize waste steam, with or without additional firing, providing versatile heating options.


  • Reduced use of fossil fuels

    Minimize environmental impact with reduced reliance on fossil fuel

  • Peak load management

    Efficiently compensate for load peaks and extend the normal operating range

  • Higher efficiency

    Optimized design for superior energy efficiency and cost savings

  • Using process and waste heat

    Utilize process and waste heat for sustainable, versatile heating

  • Cost-effective

    Cost-effective operation leading to a reduction in overall running costs

Hybrid and special boilers offer a smart solution

Producing industrial hot water or steam can be a smart alternative to traditional fossil-fuel-based energy production units. With these kind of boilers you can really take the advantage of fuel and electricity price fluctuations in the market and/or available waste heat energy.

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  • Hybrid steam boilers

    Utilize excess electricity to generate steam, thereby reducing the use of conventional fuels. This not only ensures increased climate friendliness but also enhances operational reliability and cost saving performance. Additionally, the use of hybrid boilers enables the balancing of peak loads, expanding the normal operating range. This ensures a more reliable supply during partial load decreases.
    Hybrid boilers are suitable for the combustion of up to 100 % hydrogen.

  • Waste heat boilers without additional firing

    Here, only the heat from flue gases or hot exhaust air from industrial processes are used for generating hot water or saturated steam. This means that all the thermal energy output from the boiler is created solely using the waste (‘free’) heat from the process.

  • Waste heat boilers with additional firing

    Waste heat boilers with additional firing utilize heat from flue gases or hot exhaust air from industrial processes to generate hot water or saturated steam through additional combustion. This involves a combination: primary energy (fuel) source is waste heat from process, but there is also a possibilty to add additional input by burning fuel in the furnace to reach the desired output. It’s possible that the waste heat amount is not constant and therefore there is a need to add additional heat source (oil, gas, hydrogen) to avoid the use of a separate boiler.
    Waste heat boilers are suitable for the combustion of up to 100 % hydrogen.

Benefits of hybrid hot water and steam boilers

Hybrid boilers can be used in any industry where there is a need for saturated steam or hot water either for processes or for central heating system. Hybrid boilers are the new alterantive for old-fashioned traditional fire-tube boilers suitable for only fossil fuels. We can help you to upgrade your process, build a new boiler house solution, or provide maintenance service. Contact us for consultancy!

  • illustration Energy security

    By diversifying energy sources and reducing their dependence on the grid, industries can increase their energy security and resilience.

  • illustration Cost savings

    Both, energy recovery and using electrical energy instead of direct combustion helps reduce energy consumption, lowering operational costs and increasing competitiveness.

  • illustration Compliance

    Many industries face regulations and emissions targets that energy recovery solutions can help meet.

  • illustration Environmental benefits

    Decreasing energy waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, aligning with sustainability goals and regulations.

  • illustration Competitive advantage

    Adopting energy-efficient practices and technologies can enhance a company's reputation and attractiveness to environmentally conscious customers and investors.

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