Smart heat recovery saved over €200,000 per year

Smart heat recovery saved over €200,000 per year

4th of March celebrates the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. Carbon neutrality or reducing one’s carbon footprint is one of the most challenging journeys for responsible businesses today. It may require substantial investments, but it also promises significant long-term savings. Even with a clear goal, the path to achieving it can be daunting, especially for those not well-versed in energy matters.

Engineering the future of carbon neutrality

In this journey, energy engineers play a key role as both process auditors and architects. Each client is unique in terms of their solutions, needs, and possibilities, which requires a tailored approach. Our added value lies in a diverse team of industry experts with over 30 years of experience, well-versed in both traditional systems and cutting-edge technological opportunities.

„We see forward-thinking engineering as the key to ensuring the seamless flow of energy and water, as well as ensuring security and sustainability. We keep our expertise at the highest level, constantly looking for ways to improve. We understand the needs of various industries to engineer the best process solutions for energy, steam and water.”

Egert Killing, FILTER Group CEO

Economic gain combined with environmental responsibility

One of our progressive customers in Poland has partnered with Filter experts for three years to embark on the journey towards carbon neutrality. Currently in the fourth stage, the customer has already achieved significant savings. However, the journey towards improvement is not over.

We initiated the process by mapping out energy and production processes, collecting and systematizing data. Following the audit, we developed a pre-concept based on which we conducted a detailed feasibility and profitability analysis. For this customer, the primary objective is to find a more efficient, modern, and economical way to utilize released heat. Our engineers have crafted a solution where heat is not just a byproduct but a valuable resource.

Presently, we’ve helped the customer save approximately 252,000 cubic meters of gas annually, translating to around €200,000 in savings considering current gas prices. If the customer achieves complete carbon neutrality, the theoretical savings could reach a staggering €13 million annually at today’s prices.

This project holds the potential to significantly reduce the entire community’s carbon footprint while generating additional revenue. By replacing fossil fuels with electricity from wind or solar parks, the customer can achieve carbon neutrality. The excess heat generated in the customer’s production process could cover the company’s heat demand and contribute to heating the nearby city. Selling excess heat to the city not only reduces the city’s carbon footprint but also opens up a new revenue stream for the factory.

In summary, it’s a good example of the opportunity to combine environmental responsibility with economic gain. Through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts, we can contribute to our customer’s journey towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

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