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No matter what you need to meet your water objectives, from the simplest test to an entire operations management platform, we have what you need. We enhance water analysis—making it better, faster, simpler, greener, and more informative—through unsurpassed customer partnerships, the most knowledgeable experts, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions. We offer Hach Lange GmbH and Krohne products depending on your process. Rest assured, we will filter out the best solution for you.

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Expertise in water treatment for industrial processes

Water quality holds significant importance in both household and production processes. Meeting stringent water quality standards is crucial for maintaining hygiene, ensuring adequate nutrition, and supporting the efficient operation of technological processes. At FILTER, we recognize the profound significance of water quality and have established ourselves as a leading provider of water treatment solutions, specializing in industrial, thermal energy, and municipal water treatment plants.

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  • Analytical sensors and measuring systems

    Krohne analytical sensors and measuring systems are used for a wide range of analytical parameters. We offer various systems, from sensors with an integrated transmitter to modular panels for liquid measurements. They are suitable for pH, ORP, conductivity, TSS, dissolved oxygen, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone, sludge level, turbidity, or multiparameter applications.

  • pH sensors and measuring systems

    We provide pH sensors and measuring systems for potentiometric liquid analysis. Sensors come with or without an integrated transmitter (4…20 mA). Choose from glass or rugged plastic body sensors with various membrane glass and diaphragm types for diverse applications. Also, available as pre-wired panel modules for simultaneous pH and multi-parameter measurement. Temperature capabilities extend up to +140 °C.

  • Analytical assemblies

    We provide installation equipment for all analytical sensors, suitable for harsh environments, hazardous areas, hygienic, or other applications. Our offerings include automatic, manual, retractable, insertion, immersion, flow-through, and mounting assemblies with diverse designs and materials. Various process connections are available.

  • Analytical transmitters

    Krohne analytical transmitters are designed for OPTISENS sensors, featuring displays for readings and alarms. They utilize various housing materials, providing robust options for wall-mount or panel-mount installations. The transmitters enable on-site calibration and configuration of OPTISENS sensors, with a temperature range up to +55°C.

  • Analytical accessories

    We have analytical accessories for liquid analytical sensors, including junction boxes, indicators, interface cables for offline calibration, and other essential equipment

  • Control and operating units for process analytics

    We offer control and operating units for liquid analytical sensors for process analytics. Depending on your process, we provide a control unit for 4…20 mA/HART® field devices or a control and calibration unit for digital SMARTPAT sensors.

  • Ammonium sensors

    The Digital AN-ISE sc Combination Sensor for Ammonium and Nitrate carries out continuously direct measurements using an ion-selective electrode. No need for reagents or sample preparation. With automatic and simultaneous compensation of potassium and chloride. Easy handling and low maintenance due to Cartrical plus sensor cartridge with five electrodes.

    AN-ISE sc Sensors can be connected to all SC controllers, providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or Hart.

  • Multi-parameter SWAS panels

    Hach’s Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) measures degassed cation conductivity, silica, and sodium, and helps to protect and reduce the downtime of your plant. This comprehensive approach also includes a steam reduction unit as well as preinstalled hydraulic and electrical connections for standard fittings and electrical I/O signals.

  • Nitrate and nitrite sensors

    The new NT3 Series Sensors from Hach bring greater accuracy, simplified maintenance, and dual parameter capability for nitrate and nitrite to your monitoring toolbox. Sensors are equipped to meet your unique application needs. Whether measuring nitrate and nitrite in municipal wastewater treatment plants, surface water, untreated water or treated drinking water, you’ll have the choice of three different path lengths to fit your measurement ranges and turbidity compensation needs.
    The NT3 Series gives you peace of mind with improved accuracy and a lower limit of detection at 0.02 mg/L NO₃-N*. Additionally, Hach’s proven wiper technology keeps your system clean and our enhanced one-step, tool-free, wiper replacement reduces maintenance time and improves your experience. These advancements help you optimize your plant performance and ensure regulatory compliance now and into the future.

  • Dissolved Oxygen sensors

    Dissolved oxygen sensors have replaceable membrane cartridge,
    rugged and foul-resistant membrane.
    Complete Encapsulation.
    Versatile Mounting Styles. Sensors are suitable for harsh environments from chemical or oil to petrochemical plants. Fully-encapsulated construction protects the sensor’s built-in electronics from moisture and humidity problems, extending the working life of the sensor.
    Even in this harsh wort environment, the instrument maintains very good accuracy and minimal drift.

  • Oil in Water sensors

    Continuous oil-in-water monitoring.

    Even the smallest oil traces impair water quality. The probe monitors surface waters, process water and industrial water continuously for even traces of mineral oil contamination. The highly sensitive UV fluorometer is immersed directly in the medium. For reliable, long term stable hydrocarbon monitoring, intensity fluctuations of the flash lamp are compensated. Sensors are designed for the reagent-free determination of mineral oil impurities directly in the medium or in the bypass. The low maintenance, easy-to-clean sensor is long-term stable and reliable, and detects even the smallest traces of oil. The robust probes are made of stainless steel or titanium so the FP360 sc is also applicable for aggressive media. The low maintenance, easy-to-clean sensor is long-term stable and reliable, and detects even the smallest traces of oil. The robust probes are made of stainless steel or titanium so all sensors are also applicable for aggressive media.
    Oil-in-water sensors can be connected to all SC controllers thus providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or Hart.

  • Organics sensors

    Sensors are designed for the reagent-free determination of the organic load via the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC) in the medium or in the bypass. Reliable measurement values are immediately available due to the direct UV measurement. The low maintenance sensor is self-cleaning and with its stainless steel housing even applicable in difficult environmental conditions.
    Sensors are suitable for diggerent applications, including: protection of treatment plants from industrial dischargers, monitoring shock loads from internal plant processes, control of activated sludge processes, control methanol feed in BNR based on organic loading, final effluent monitoring and monitoring efficiency of UV disinfection process. Sensors can be connected to all SC controllers thus providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or HART.

  • Suspended solids sensors

    Hach’s digital Solitax sc process probes are designed for the accurate determination of turbidity and suspended solids. Due to a very large measuring range for both turbidity and solids the Solitax sc family offers a broad application spectrum and is ideal for drinking water, wastewater, surface water, and sludge treatment applications. The self-cleaning wiper ensures accurate results even in the presence of aggressive biological growth and gas bubbles.
    Solitax sc sensors can be connected to all SC controllers, providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or Hart.

  • Conductivity sensors

    Wide Measuring Range.
    Hach’s Inductive Conductivity Sensors measure 200 up to 2,000,000 microSiemens/cm. A built-in Pt 1000 RTD compensates the measured conductivity for changes in process temperature. These enhanced performance sensors are manufactured to exacting tolerances using high quality, rugged materials for demanding applications including ultra-pure water, clean-in-place (CIP), and boiler/condensate monitoring. Each sensor is tested to determine its unique, absolute four-digit cell constant.
    The inductive sensor is available in sanitary (CIP) flange style and convertible styles in PFA®, polypropylene, PEEK®, and PVDF material. Select sensors can withstand high pressures and temperatures. Sensors can be installed using a choice of four mounting styles—immersion, insertion, union, and sanitary.

  • Ozone sensors

    Ozone sensors are online, single-channel industrial sensors that measure ozone in drinking water treatment plants, distribution networks, and other applications that require monitoring of ozone at the ppb and ppm levels. This instrument uses an amperometric method to measure ozone concentration. A membrane allows the selective diffusion of ozone molecules to the amperometric sensor. The measurement is compensated for pH and temperature.

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