Industrial heat pumps

To address climate change, innovative approaches to energy production are crucial. Oilon’s energy-efficient industrial heat pumps provide a practical solution for reducing emissions. For instance, low-temperature waste heat from industrial processes can be harnessed as an energy source for various applications, including district heating. Our capacity range spans from 30 kW to 50 MW, and high-capacity systems can be formed by connecting multiple ChillHeat heat pumps together.


Combined heating and cooling

Besides traditional HFC refrigerants, we offer HFO refrigerants with an extremely low or near-​zero global warming potential (GWP). Our heat pumps are a flexible solution that can be used for different heating and cooling applications in industrial operations and large properties as well as for district heating and cooling.

The best coefficient of performance can be achieved with combined heating and cooling (CHC). In CHC solutions, a heat pump cools down one part of a process and uses the extracted energy to heat up another part of the process, thus reducing the need for traditional forms of heating. This arrangement can be used to create a fully carbon-​neutral heating and cooling solution.

Oilon ChillHeat units can be combined into different systems. By connecting heat pumps together, the system’s capacity can be increased, the system’s flow temperature increased, or both.

Our solutions provide peace of mind for any industry.
Energy, food and beverage, meat or heavy industries who are seeking for opportunities to reduce the CO2 emissions and increase overall plant efficiency by recovering the valuable waste heat.


  • District heating and cooling
  • Process heating and cooling for industry
  • Large buildings

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  • Industrial piston compressor heat pumps

    Oilon ChillHeat P series industrial heat pumps can be used for energy-​efficient cooling and heating of buildings and industrial processes, and, at the same time, for utilizing waste heat for heating purposes. Equipped with piston compressors, P series heat pumps have a wide capacity range and an extremely wide range of output temperatures, making them a good choice for a wide variety of different applications.
    They can produce temperatures as high as 120 °C with a good COP, making the heat pumps suitable for direct use in district heating networks and other high-​temperature applications.

    • Capacity range
      30 - 1 000 kW
    • Water temperatures up to
      + 120 °C
  • Industrial screw compressor heat pumps

    Oilon ChillHeat S series industrial heat pumps are especially suited for demanding applications in the process industry as well as for use as high-​capacity preheaters in high-​temperature applications. Besides their use in the process industry, typical applications for the heat pumps include climate control for large buildings and district heating and cooling production. The heat pumps are equally suited for water chilling and heating. They come equipped with energy-​efficient and compact rotary screw compressors and plate heat exchangers, a proven solution that can produce temperatures up to +85 °C with a good COP.

    • Capacity range
      100 - 4 000 kW
    • Water temperatures up to
      +85 °C
  • Industrial scroll compressor heat pumps

    The cost-​effective RE series industrial heat pumps produce cooling and heating in a compact package. RE heat pumps are especially well suited for ground source applications and space heating. Several RE industrial heat pumps can be connected in series, resulting in an energy-​efficient and flexible system that produces water temperatures up to +62 °C with a good COP. ChillHeat RE industrial heat pumps are also well suited for industrial process cooling and heating. They work well in ground source heating systems and are an excellent choice for providing cooling and heating for office buildings and similar properties. A versatile automation system enables reliable and energy-​efficient operation even in demanding process conditions.

    • Capacity range
      100 - 1 000 kW
    • Water temperatures up to
      +62 °C with a good COP
  • Industrial heat pump solutions

    Our solutions are always customised according to the power capacity needed. The customer only needs to know how much heating and/or cooling is needed. Whenever necessary, Oilon also provides support for designing extremely high-​powered heat pump systems.
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    • Capacity range
      30 - 50 000 kW
    • Water temperatures up to
      +120 °C with a good COP

Benefits of industrial heat pumps

  • Plant efficiency increase

    The cheapest energy is energy we don’t use. Heat pumps allow to recover the otherwise wasted energy and re-use it in the process.

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

    Oilon ChillHeat heat pump allow to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, avoid subjecting to Emissions Trading System or even avoid any fossil fuels burning.

  • Reduction of thermal energy costs

    Oilon ChillHeat allows to reduce the costs of energy up to 6 times thanks for very high Coefficient of Performance, which means that consuming 1 kWh of electricity 6 kWh of heat is produced.

  • Combined heating and cooling

    Heat Pump allows the simultaneous heating and cooling energy production for such processes like pasteurization, machinery cooling and building heating and many other processes where both heating and cooling required.

  • Sector coupling

    Renewable energy in combination with heat pump allow the so called “Sector Coupling” where industries with high waste heat amount can be connected with municipal heating system. “Sector Coupling” allows to decarbonize local municipal areas and reduce the domestic energy costs.

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