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At Filter, we specialize in engineering solutions that empower industries to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

Our Control Systems service is designed to connect disparate components, suppliers, and processes within your facility into a seamlessly integrated plant-wide control system – either from completely new boiler house plants to simple blowdown valve replacements, we have the solution you need.

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Compliance and safety

Providing flawless control

Our Control Systems service is the backbone of modern industrial automation, offering comprehensive solutions to orchestrate and optimize your plant’s operations. With a blend of expertise and Siemens industrial equipment, we bring you a robust system that ensures the flawless control of your entire facility.

Our Control Systems service harmonizes various components and processes, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing downtime, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. With our centralized SCADA system, you gain real-time insights into your plant’s performance, enabling quick decision-making and proactive issue resolution.

By optimizing resource utilization and minimizing energy wastage, our solutions help you reduce operational costs, enhancing your bottom line.

Our systems are designed with scalability in mind, ensuring they can grow with your business and adapt to evolving needs without major disruptions.

We prioritize safety and regulatory compliance, providing you with peace of mind, and helping you meet industry standards and requirements.


  • Boiler blowdown control

    Efficient blowdown (removal of impurities) is essential to maintain steam quality and boiler efficiency. Our wide product range can offer all automation parts needed for this process – bottom blowdown regulators, TDS (conductivity) sensor and controller as well as actuators and control valves for the system.

    Accurate blowdown methods are essential to maintain your steam quality, contact our engineers for advice on the best methods for your business.

  • Boiler level control

    A level control system consists of switches, sensors, controller, valve or pump and may be on-off or modulating. It is vital that your boiler water levels be monitored safely and accurately. Our products are compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.

    Automated boiler level control ensures safe working environment for your employees and reduced risk of accidents in the boiler house.

  • Heat transfer package control

    All heat transfer packages (like heat exchanger units) require automation and control to work automatically in an unmanned regime while ensuring safety and  efficiency of the system.

    Heat transfer loop automation system components may be temperature and pressure sensors or switches, control valves and its actuators, controllers (PLC, regulators) and control cabinets and also flow meters.

  • Field instruments

    Our portfolio of field measurement and control devices empowers you to control and optimize your systems by providing fast and accurate measuring results.

    Our range includes:

    • Pressure sensors/ transmitters
    • Temperature sensors/ transmitters
    • Level sensors and switches
    • Safety devices
    • Flow meters
    • Heat energy meters

    Read more about process instrumentation.

  • Process instruments

    Our portfolio of process instruments encompasses all the hardware and software products you need for monitoring, analyzing, and processing data either in your energy applications (boiler house, building automation) or directly from your process (field data). This enhances your enterprise’s process efficiency and safety.

    Our applications span from the simplest to the most complex, featuring:

    • PLC based control systems
    • Analytical equipment
    • PID controllers
    • Actuators
    • Variable frequency drives
    • SCADA software

    Read more about online sensors and controllers.

  • Building automation

    Our portfolio of building automation solutions gives a wide range of possibilities to efficiently control and reduce buildings energy consumption. The solutions include water and heat management systems.

    The high quality products will provide temperature control, comfort, energy conservation and safety.

  • Control systems for water treatment

    All water treatment systems require automation and control  to work automatically in an unmanned regime while ensuring safety and  efficiency of the system. Water treatment control controls notify about preventive maintenance and inform you when immediate action is needed.

    Either is it a simple water softening unit or a complex loop of multiple water treatment processes in series, we can offer all needed parts for automation:

    • Pressure sensors/ transmitters
    • Temperature sensors/ transmitters
    • Level sensors and switches
    • Safety devices
    • Flow meters
    • Flow sensors
    • Regulators and controllers
    • TDS sensors
    • pH sensors
    • Hardness monitors and many more…
5 reasons you need control system equipment

  • illustration Efficiency improvement

    Achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, reducing waste and resource consumption.

  • illustration Data-Driven decisions

    Access real-time data and insights to make informed decisions and respond to changing conditions swiftly.

  • illustration Competitive advantage

    Gain a competitive edge by streamlining your processes, reducing lead times, and improving product quality.

  • illustration Reliability

    Minimize the risk of system failures and downtime, ensuring a reliable and consistent production process.

  • illustration Future-proofing

    Invest in a scalable solution that can adapt to future technologies and industry developments.


Our solutions provide peace of mind for any industry

Our Control Systems service caters to a wide range of industries. Whether it’s enhancing production lines and quality control, optimizing energy production, distribution, and consumption, or ensuring precision in pharmaceutical manufacturing and compliance with stringent regulations, we have tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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