Installation of economizers for secondary energy recovery

Installation of economizers for secondary energy recovery
Година 2022
Местоположение Latvia
  • Храни и напитки
  • Монтаж и въвеждане в експлоатация, 
  • Автоматизация, 
  • Проектиране и инженеринг
  • Решения за възстановяване на енергия

The installation of economizers for secondary energy recovery

The installation of economizers aimed to enhance the energy efficiency of the boiler house and recover secondary energy from the thermal oil boiler used in the production processes at the Adazi Chips plant. Two economizers were deployed for this purpose: a hot water economizer rated at 169 kW and a thermal oil economizer rated at 63 kW. Additionally, heat energy is stored using two accumulation tanks, each with a capacity of 50 m3. By capturing heat from exhaust gases and using it to preheat thermal oil, the boiler house has achieved significant efficiency gains. This recovered heat can now be utilized within the heating system, effectively reducing the reliance on a separate gas boiler.

  • 169 kW Preheating the return oil
  • 63 kW Water heating
  • 2x50m3 Accumulation tanks
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