High voltage electrode hot water & steam boiler

The global increase in the share of solar and wind energy in electrical grids makes the electrification of heating systems more attractive than ever before.  FILTER offers high-voltage electric boilers (up to 25 kV) that play a crucial role in grid transformation. They can start up quickly from a cold state, have a very fast reaction time, can work in parallel with heat pumps or existing boilers, and can be used for backup or peak shaving.


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Fast start-up from cold state
  • Compact design
  • Steam or hot water
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
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Applications where to use high voltage electrode hot water & steam boiler

  • Power to heat

    Availability of renewable power in the grid has a positive effect on the pricing in the EU’s electrical systems allowing to utilize a cheap excess energy when sun shines and wind blows. This cheap energy can be transformed to the heat by the electrical boilers, stored or immediately used in district heating system or direcrtly in your process.

  • Frequency regulation reserve

    As a drawback of increased share of renewable energy is the need to keep the grid frequency at 50 Hz, even when there is a surplus of renewable energy, or a lack. And high voltage electrical boilers are the perfect solutions for both conditions – they can quickly „ramp up” consuming the excess power or unload, when there is a lack of power. This is called Grid Frequency Regulation or Freqeuncy Regulation Reserve.

  • Back-up or peak shaving

    High Voltage Electrode Boiler, thanks to their compact design and unique functionality are well suitable for back-up and/or peak shaving reserve due to their ability for quick start-up from cold state to full load at any time.

  • Avoiding energy trading system

    You company plans to expand and requires expansion of existing gas or oil powered plant?
    Or required capacity is just above the 20MW in fuel input and your company is subject to Emissions Trading System (ETS)?

    High Voltage Electrode Boiler allows to reduce the capacity of existing or a new plant below 20MW, avoid subjection to ETS and have a reliable back-up in case of conventional boiler plan failure.

Benefits of high voltage boilers

  • illustration You need zero-emission steam production unit

    As there is no combustion inside electrode boilers, the production of steam is completely without flue gases and emissions. This means no costs for emission taxes and fuel costs.

  • illustration You have high peak loads

    If your existing steam boiler plant cannot handle very high steam demands, additional electrode boiler can be installed as a secondary steam production unit to help and support the existing system.

  • illustration You want to avoid entering energy trading system

    If your current fuel usage is over 20 MW, you might be facing the need to start trading in emission trading system. Covering one part of your steam production with electrode boiler can help to avoid that.

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