Biomass boiler house: technological equipment delivery, installation and start-up

Biomass boiler house: technological equipment delivery, installation and start-up
Година 2023
Местоположение Latvia
  • Производство и генериране на енергия
  • Автоматизация, 
  • Проектиране и инженеринг, 
  • Монтаж и въвеждане в експлоатация
  • Решения за възстановяване на енергия (ENG), 
  • Парни и кондензни системи (ENG), 
  • Котелни помещения и топлоцентрали (ENG)
  • Водогрейни котли (ENG), 
  • Помпи (ENG)

Modernizing district heating: 8 MW biomass boiler and Innovative technologies ensure reliable energy supply

The project aimed to replace fossil fuel resources with renewable energy sources and improve the efficiency of the boiler house. This accomplishment ensures a consistent and reliable supply of heating energy to existing consumers. The project involved the delivery, installation, and activation of an 8 MW biomass water heating boiler, a 2 MW flue gas condenser to recover heat for reuse within the plant, thereby increasing district and local heating capacity, and an electrostatic precipitator as an innovative technology for flue gas dedusting. Additionally, a fuel storage facility with a fully automated biomass supply system was implemented, alongside an automation and control system for optimal operation.

  • 10MW Total capacity
  • RES Replace of fossil fuels
  • - 294,803t CO2 per year
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