Containerized water treatment plant for drinking water

Containerized water treatment plant for drinking water
Година 2022
Местоположение Latvia
  • Вода и обработка на отпадни води
  • Монтаж и въвеждане в експлоатация, 
  • Автоматизация
  • Решения за обработка на вода (ENG)
  • Продукти за пречистване на вода (ENG)

Delivery and installation of a container-built water treatment plant solution featuring an NS130 pressure filter, three 2000L water storage tanks, and a booster pump with Qmax=10m3/h. The purpose of this solution is to facilitate the preparation of clean drinking water. An artesian well pump is integrated, allowing water to pass through the cooling module. The purified water is then stored in water storage reservoirs and subsequently pumped to consumers utilizing a lift pump.

  • 10m3/h Booster pump
  • 3x2000 l Water storage
  • NS130 Pressure filter
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