Heat transfer package for chocolate tanks heating and cooling

Heat transfer package for chocolate tanks heating and cooling
Година 2017
Местоположение Estonia
  • Храни и напитки
  • Монтаж и въвеждане в експлоатация, 
  • Проектиране и инженеринг
  • Решения за топлообменник, 
  • Помпи и помпени решения
  • Продажба на продукти и компоненти, 
  • Топлообменници, 
  • Клапани и тръбни спомагателни елементи, 
  • Помпи, 
  • Оборудване за системати за управление

Heat transfer package for chocolate tanks heating and cooling

This special heat exchanger unit was tailored for the food industry, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of chocolate tank operations. With a cooling capacity of 110 kW and heating capacity of 15 kW, our solution ensures precise temperature control for up to 10 chocolate tanks. Fully automated, our system seamlessly regulates and maintains the desired temperature of chocolate within the tanks, providing efficient cooling after filling and reliable heat energy when needed. Installed within a compact frame and covered with stainless steel covers, our Heat Transfer Package offers not only superior functionality but also durability and aesthetic appeal in high demanding hygienic installations. The unit was equipped with two plate heat exchanger loops with temperature control and pumps working exactly at desired flow point. All 10 tanks had a separate regulation equipment installed on the flow and return line. We also added additional safety control valve that does not allow extreme temperature drops into the system to avoid hardening of the chocolate.

  • 110 kW Cooling capacity
  • 15 kW Heating capacity
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