New deaerator solution and reconstruction of existing units

New deaerator solution and reconstruction of existing units
Година 2018
Местоположение Estonia
  • Храни и напитки
  • Проектиране и инженеринг, 
  • Монтаж и въвеждане в експлоатация, 
  • Поддръжка и следпродажбен сервиз
  • Парни и кондензни системи (ENG), 
  • Деаератори и системи за захранващи резервоари (ENG), 
  • Решения за топлообмен (ENG)
  • Помпи (ENG), 
  • Клапани и спомагателни елементи за тръби (ENG), 
  • Топлообменници (ENG)

Deaerator solution for steam boiler optimization

A comprehensive solution was implemented for steam boiler optimization, encompassing multiple aspects. Firstly, a new feedwater tank (1,5 m3) with chemical dosing pump and a complete regulation and armature set was installed. Construction of a steam collector involved separating steam consumers, providing each with an individual shut-off valve, and incorporating an electric drive on the CIP steam consumer. Piping and existing heat transfer units, including CIP and calorifier heater, underwent reconstruction for enhanced functionality. To monitor water quality, a boiler water sampling point was strategically installed. Furthermore, the boiler feedwater pump was replaced, contributing to overall system reliability and performance. At the same time steam boiler, its blowdown system and burner was kept existing. This integrated approach addressed various elements crucial for efficient steam boiler operation and maintenance.

  • 1500 kg/h Steam output
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