Deaeratoriai ir maitinimo rezervuarų sistemos

Deaerators are used in steam systems to eliminate oxygen from boiler feed water while storing and mixing returning condensate with fresh make-up water. Our deaerator units are fully equipped with automatic controls, instruments, and safety features. We can provide a tailor-made design to fit your capacity and room dimensions.

  • Safe steam production
  • Extended lifespan of the steam boiler plant
  • Efficient steam production
  • Customized design
  • Compact prefabricated unit
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Our expertise

  • Deaerators

    Pressurized feed tank units with a deaerator dome construction are used to remove gases from boiler feedwater. A well-designed pressurized deaerator reduces the oxygen content to around 0.02 mg/litre of water, virtually eliminating its corrosive properties. This significantly extends the lifespan of a steam boiler, as well as other equipment and piping within the system. Deaerator tank sizes range from 500 liters up to 10,000 liters or more, based on the specific needs of our customers.

  • Feed tank systems

    Feedwater tanks are essential for smaller steam boiler applications as they preheat feedwater and reduce the presence of gases through precise chemical dosing. We offer both carbon and stainless steel feed tank systems, complete with all necessary fittings, automation, and safety equipment. Our feedwater tank sizes range from 100 liters up to 3000 liters or more, tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Reasons you need deaerators

  • illustration Energy security

    Deaerators maintain the required feed water quality, preventing corrosion and reducing the risk of stoppages or breakdowns caused by potential corrosion damage.

  • illustration Efficient steam production

    Correct feed water temperature ensures that the boiler plant can consistently achieve it's nominal steam capacity.

  • illustration Tailor-designed solution

    With a tailor-designed deaerator unit there is no risk on energy loss due to an overly dimensioned system, and they are designed to fit compactly within existing space constraints.

  • illustration Compact frame design

    Our solutions are available pre-fabricated, fitting on a compact frame to minimize the space required within your room.

Our solutions provide peace of mind for any industry

Deaerators and feed tank systems are essential in various industries where steam generation is a crucial part of their processes. These below are just a few examples.

  • Power generation

    Deaerators are commonly used in power plants to ensure the quality of feedwater, which is critical for the efficiency and longevity of steam turbines and boilers.

  • Chemical industry

    Chemical processes often involve high-temperature steam, making deaerators essential to maintain equipment integrity and prevent corrosion.

  • Pulp and paper manufacturing

    The paper industry relies on steam for various processes, and deaerators help maintain the quality of feedwater and prevent damage to equipment.

  • Food and beverage processing

    Sterilization and cooking processes in the food and beverage industry require steam. Deaerators ensure the steam quality, adhering to food safety standards.

  • Textile industry

    Steam is used for dyeing and finishing textiles, and deaerators help maintain equipment integrity.

  • Hospitals

    Steam is used for sterilization and other medical processes. Deaerators are vital for ensuring the quality of steam used in healthcare applications.

  • Manufacturing

    Industries with large-scale manufacturing processes often rely on steam for heating and other applications. Deaerators and feed tank systems help maintain equipment efficiency and longevity.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

    The pharmaceutical industry relies on high-quality steam for sterilization and other critical processes. Deaerators are crucial for maintaining the quality of steam.

  • Petroleum refining

    Steam is used in various processes in refineries, and deaerators help protect equipment and prevent corrosion.

  • Automotive industry

    Car manufacturing often involves steam for cleaning and other processes. Deaerators ensure the quality of steam used in these applications.

  • Waste water treatment

    Steam is sometimes used in the treatment of wastewater, and deaerators help protect equipment.

We're here to support you every step of the way, whether it's auditing, building a system, or offering 24/7 response to failures if needed
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    System Audit

    Audits are tailored to your process or application and your budget. We analyze whether your systems are properly sized, configured, and tailored to your processes.

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    Process Engineering

    A well-designed system meets your industry's needs. Our engineers will formulate a plan to enhance efficiency and reliability. Our focus is on delivering quality products that ensure longevity and savings over time.

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    Project Management and Realization

    Our experienced team will arrange everything necessary to deliver the agreed solution on time. This includes construction, equipment transport, on-site installation, and commissioning.

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    Regular maintenance prevents future problems and allows you to quickly resolve any issues that arise. Our 24/7 breakdown response ensures your business runs uninterrupted.

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