Analysis systems and lab stations

Whatever your industry, we offer a range of solutions to address your specific needs. With a broad line of analytical solutions, we make water analysis better—faster, simpler, greener, and more informative.

Valuing ease-of-use, accuracy, and reliability, we craft our portfolio of solutions around the unique regulatory and operational challenges your facility faces, placing engineers and plant managers at the forefront of every design and innovation.

  • Reliable

    Our analysis systems provide consistent and accurate results, ensuring dependable data.

  • Efficient

    Monitor and optimize processes to enhance resource utilization.

  • Compliant

    Easily maintain regulatory standards with our systems.

  • Cost-effective

    Prevent downtime, protect equipment, and save money.

  • User-friendly

    Simplified monitoring for trustworthy results.

Take control over your processes

With Filter and Hach as your partners in process monitoring and laboratory analysis, you can more effectively control product quality, oxygen scavenger dosing, corrosion and deposits, thereby controlling costs.

From a simple, dedicated meter to online measurement or wastewater treatment optimization, our solutions are based on years of innovation and a commitment to providing the simplest way to achieve results you can trust.

For over 80 years, Hach water analysis solutions have helped industries of all sizes to deliver high quality water. From municipal wastewater and drinking water plants to industries such as food and beverage, power generation, chemical manufacturing, Hach has solutions to help you. This includes lab instrumentation, in-line process solutions, and Real-Time Control Systems, along with a team of service and training professionals to keep you running at maximum efficiency.

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Our expertise

  • Water quality monitoring panels

    We are offering application-specific analyser stations, enjoy the convenience of receiving the total offering on one panel. Resulting in pre-engineered, ready-to-install, simple solutions that are designed to work together. These panels will be engineered based on your specific needs – just let us know what you need to measure and we will do the rest.

    Either it is to measure the quality of raw water, drinking water, treated water or condensate from process. These stations help you to save time an resources for multiple single analyze samples over the process – you can do all in one place.

  • Refrigerated and all-weather sampler kits

    Sampling water has never been this easy! Our product portfolio includes all-weather resistant refrigerated sampler stations that simplifies sampling and offers the ability to copy programs sampler to sampler to save time on tedious programing, and an error alert and status screen to eliminate uncertainty and simplify troubleshooting.

    The custom-designed air-sensing thermostat controls temperature in accordance with USEPA and international guidelines, preserving samples regardless of outside temperatures and conditions. Dependant on application, these kits can be equipped with a large, full-color display for intuitive, single-screen programming, USB upload and download capabilities and many more.

    This can be used in various applications: groundwater, industrial wastewater, municipal water, surface water, lab & production water and many more.

  • Prefabricated sample cooler stations

    We offer pre-fabricated sample cooler stations that allows to connect any single analyzer to a hot and pressurized sample. It helps to protect and respect all safety and sample requirements. Main applications for this is monitoring steam, condensate and hot water cycles either in a boiler plant or straight from process.

    This kits usually consists of: sample cooler, connection and separation valves with process, cooling water inlet, stainless steel sink and backplate, instruments and drainage valves.

  • Online analyzer stations

    Online Analyzers provide numerous measurement ranges and provide data 24/7 – so you can make faster decisions. All instruments come in the same rugged mainframe with a compact footprint and a common user interface on industrial panel PCs, keeping training efforts low.

    With continuous monitoring from analyzers, you can detect trends and identify potential issues – before they become problems. We offer a wide range of online analyzers to your laboratory or process that can measure for an example: Ammonium, Ammonia monochloramine, Analytical shelters, Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Fluoride, Particle counting, Phosphate, Hardness, Sodium, Toc, Silica, Oxygen Scavenger, Nutrients, Ozone, Turbidity, Microbial Activity, Alkalinity, Alkalinity & Hardness, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus (TN & TP), Toxicity, Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) and many more.


    • Cooling water
    • Drinking water
    • Process water
    • Industrial water
    • Waste water
    • Power, boiler and steam generation
    • Surface water
    • Chemical processing
    • Industrial applications
    • Chemical
    • Refineries
    • Storage
5 reasons you really benefit from our analysis systems
  • illustration Maintain quality

    Consistent finished products that meet customer needs.

  • illustration Maximise uptime

    Optimal equipment and production performance.

  • illustration Maintain compliance

    Improved environmental profile and water conservation.

  • illustration Monitor efficiency

    Precise tracking of efficiency loss.

  • illustration Protect your investment

    Process efficiency and long-lasting plant and equipment life.

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