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Our comprehensive range of pumps and pumping solutions address diverse needs from groundwater extraction to the transfer of viscous substances like bitumen and honey. Our product selection caters to both the food and chemical industries, offering solutions for boosting domestic water pressure, ensuring firefighting water supply, handling sewage and dosing chemicals, as well as facilitating the transfer of thermal and refrigeration energy. We provide individual pumps and design and construct complete, systematic solutions.

  • Pump expertise

    Pump system audits, selecting and dimensioning pumps, designing pipelines and electrical systems, incorporating automation equipment.

  • Energy efficiency

    Energy-efficient motors (IE4 and IE5), frequency converters, and controllers to optimize pump performance.

  • Diverse product range

    A wide array of pump brands, each tailored to specific industries and applications.

  • Tackling viscous substances

    Specialized solutions for transferring the viscous materials efficiently.

  • High-rise water supply

    Customized high-pressure pumping solutions for both individual pumps and multi-pump systems.

Pumping solutions tailored to your needs

Electric motors in pumps are known to consume up to 22% of the world’s total electricity production. By conducting pump system audits, we evaluate energy consumption and make recommendations to reduce costs. Our solutions incorporate the use of energy-efficient motors (IE4 and IE5), frequency converters, and controllers to optimize pump performance.

Our expertise extends to selecting and dimensioning well pumps, incorporating automation equipment such as frequency converters and sensors, and designing pipelines and electrical systems. We also offer 3-screw pumps for transferring various liquid fuels, especially for remote heating systems and burner operation.

Our lineup includes a wide array of pump brands, each tailored to specific industries and applications. From centrifugal pumps for water and heating systems to diaphragm pumps for the chemical and food sectors, we’ve got you covered.


Our expertise

  • Pumping solutions for viscous substances

    In the food industry, the transfer of thick, high-density substances like tomato paste or fruit concentrates can be challenging. We offer specialized solutions for transferring these materials efficiently, capable of pumping up to 41 L/min at pressures of up to 8 bar.

  • High-pressure pumping solutions

    For tall buildings, relying solely on the local water supply may not suffice to ensure water distribution to upper floors. We provide customized high-pressure pumping solutions for both individual pumps and multi-pump systems, offering design, equipment selection, and installation services. Our offerings encompass all necessary components, from pipeline fittings to pumps, frequency converters, and sensors.

  • Well pump solutions

    When selecting well pumps, several factors need to be considered, such as the diameter of the well casing, the static and dynamic water levels in the well, and the number of consumers supplied with well water. We assist in choosing the right capacity and pressure well pump, help select the necessary automation equipment for pump control (frequency converter, sensors), dimension pipelines, and design the electrical supply.

  • 3-screw pumps for transfering various liquid fuels

    In thermal energy production, various liquid fuels are used, often with tanks located away from the boilers, and the burners of the boilers require high fuel pressure for their operation. In our product portfolio, we offer 3-screw pumps with different pressures and capacities, including self-priming models, enabling the transfer of various liquid fuels from tank to burner efficiently.

  • Pump solutions for easily volatile and potentially explosive liquids

    Imagine you need to pump easily volatile, toxic, and/or potentially explosive liquids, such as various solvents (like acetone) or acids (like hydrochloric acid). Conventional pumps typically employ shaft seals, which result in a constant leakage of the pumped liquid into the surrounding environment, as the liquid both lubricates and cools the seal’s contact surfaces. In the case of a liquid like acetone, this means the release of acetone vapors into the surroundings. For handling such fluids, we offer sealless pumps equipped with magnetic couplings and constructed using special plastics in addition to metals.

  • Various dosing pumps and their accessories

    An essential part of various industrial processes is precise dosing, which involves accurately adding a necessary component to the process. In our product portfolio, we offer various dosing pumps and their accessories, ranging from hoses and check valves to back-pressure valves, pulsation dampeners, and spray nozzles.

  • Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (AODDP)

    Traditional centrifugal pumps are prone to dry-running situations due to their construction. The solution to this challenge lies in the use of air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (AODDP), which are not susceptible to dry running, thanks to the absence of a vulnerable shaft seal. These pumps are crafted from various metals and plastics and find applications in both the food and chemical industries, valued for their precision and durability. Explosion-proof models are also available.

We're here to support you every step of the way, whether it's auditing, building a system, or offering 24/7 response to failures if needed
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    System Audit

    Audits are tailored to your process or application and your budget. We analyze whether your systems are properly sized, configured, and tailored to your processes.

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    Process Engineering

    A well-designed system meets your industry's needs. Our engineers will formulate a plan to enhance efficiency and reliability. Our focus is on delivering quality products that ensure longevity and savings over time.

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    Project Management and Realization

    Our experienced team will arrange everything necessary to deliver the agreed solution on time. This includes construction, equipment transport, on-site installation, and commissioning.

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    Regular maintenance prevents future problems and allows you to quickly resolve any issues that arise. Our 24/7 breakdown response ensures your business runs uninterrupted.

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Our solutions provide peace of mind for any industry

Our team of experienced engineers provides tailored solutions for your industry’s requirements. We begin by designing and optimizing your systems, then proceed to construct the solution and provide ongoing maintenance. These essential steps work together to decrease energy costs, enhance productivity, and minimize environmental impacts.

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