Modular biomass boiler plant: delivery, installation and commissioning

Modular biomass boiler plant: delivery, installation and commissioning
Година 2023
Местоположение Latvia
  • Производство и генериране на енергия
  • Монтаж и въвеждане в експлоатация, 
  • Проектиране и инженеринг, 
  • Автоматизация
  • Котелни помещения и топлоцентрали (ENG)
  • Водогрейни котли (ENG)

Enhancing heating efficiency: the comprehensive FILTER project

FILTER project, which combines both emergency and basic load capacities with a modular design-type boiler house, guarantees uninterrupted and efficient heating. This initiative translates into cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and a dependable energy source for the community.

The scope of the FILTER project encompasses:

  • Designing, delivering, and supervising a 2MW + 0.5 MW modular boiler plant
  • Installation of a 200 m3 fuel storage facility
  • Installing water heating biomass boiler (2.0 MW) to handle the basic load during the heating period,
  • Providing another modular solution with one water heating biomass boiler (0.5 MW) for emergencies, summer periods, and hot water preparation
  • Integration of a flue gas Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) with ash unloading containers
  • Seamless integration into the local district heating system,
  • Ensuring the boiler house is fully automatic without the need for permanent personnel on-site
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