Filter won the Latvian construction award “Grand Prix”

Auhind Energia Uudised 11. märts 2020
Filter won the Latvian construction award “Grand Prix”

Out of 162 nominees, FILTER has won the Grand Prix award for the largest and most significant project of the year 2019 – Salaspils Siltums Solar thermal district heating plant. This plant ranks as the largest solar thermal heating plant in all of Eastern Europe and the second largest in Europe.

The new Salaspils Siltums Solar thermal district heating plant was built by FILTER AS in collaboration with Arcon-Sunmark A/S. This achievement is a tremendous recognition for FILTER’s employees and partners, acknowledging their dedicated efforts. Great accomplishments can only be realized through teamwork!

Salaspils Siltums Solar thermal district heating plant

The award-winning engineering achievement involves a 1,720-panel solar field that generates an annual output of 12,000 MWH, in combination with a 3 MW biomass-based boiler.

The primary goal was to transform a conventional district heating plant into a modern, renewable energy-based district heating facility. To address the common issue of solar thermal energy fluctuations throughout the seasons, an 8,000m3 accumulator tank, which stores energy through glycol heat exchange, was implemented.

The client: Salaspils Siltums

The existing older systems have been seamlessly integrated with the newly installed technology and will act as a backup heat source during maintenance, ensuring a consistent heat supply. Additionally, a 3 MW biomass-based boiler has been added to provide extra heating during the winter months. All these supplementary heat sources have been harmoniously integrated with the existing heating network.

Solar panels (Glycol filled) – 1720 Panels
Annual Solar thermal output – 12000 MWH
Accumulator tank capacity – 8000 m3
Biomass based boiler – 3 MW
Cylindrical accumulator tank – (Diameter: 20m, Height: 28m)
Panel effective area coverage – 21595 m2 (2.1 hectares)

Date: 2018 – 2019

Scope of supply by FILTER:

  • Design works
  • Steam boiler
  • Storage tank
  • Electrification and automation of process
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service

Project by Strasa Konsultanti, builder FILTER, construction supervision Firma L4.
Read more about the contest (in Latvian): Dienas Biznes,,,

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