We specialize in providing durable water treatment plants that boast exceptional reliability in operation. Our approach is grounded in extensive expertise in both the theoretical and practical aspects of water treatment. We leverage proven and widely recognized technologies and components to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of our water treatment solutions.

  • Optimized efficiency
  • Extended life-cycle
  • Maximum availability
  • Environmental protection

Expertise in water treatment for industrial processes

Water quality holds significant importance in both household and production processes. Meeting stringent water quality standards is crucial for maintaining hygiene, ensuring adequate nutrition, and supporting the efficient operation of technological processes. At FILTER, we recognize the profound significance of water quality and have established ourselves as a leading provider of water treatment solutions, specializing in industrial, thermal energy, and municipal water treatment plants.

Our Expertise

  • Pressure filter plants

    The pressure filter plants are available with manual or automatic backwash. The tank is made either of steel or stainless steel. Inside, the tank is protected against corrosion according to job and likewise, the choice of filter media is based on individual considerations. The pressure filter plants are modular-built which makes it possible to vary and combine components according to your needs.

    • Type NS/NSB
      Flow rate up to 12 m3/h
    • Type TF/TFB
      Flow rate up to 100 m3/h
  • Bag filters for mechanical filtration

    Bag filters are ideal for filtration jobs with heavy demands on flow rates and space. They are typically used for filtration of both boiler and cooling water, circulation water in district heating plants, rinse water and process baths in the surface treatment industry and in the electronics industry. Pore size 1 to 800 micron

    • Type F2
      Flow rate up to 12 m3/h
    • Type EF5/EFG5
      Flow rate up to 22 m3/h
    • Type EFG7/EFG8
      Flow rate up to 22 m3/h
  • Activated carbon filters

    Carbon filtration has great capabilities in industry, breweries, waterworks, and wastewater treatment. Activated carbon filters are used in water treatment to remove organic matter, pesticides, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), hydro-carbons, phenols, chlorine, chlorinated compounds, taste and odour. The product range comprises filters of many different sizes and materials. All carbon filters can have automatic backwash. Carbon filters are also available in stainless steel with CIP (Cleaning In Place) for disinfection.

  • Softening plants

    The softening units are used for reduction of calcium and magnesium in the water using a cation exchanger. Calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium through ion exchange. Softened water is used for steam boiler plants, district heating plants, laundries, cooling towers, rinse processes, washing, dishwashing etc. Standard plants are available as one-tank or two-tank units for continuous water production. Each tank has individual valves to ensure reliable operation. All plant types come with a brine tank.

  • Demineralizers

    Demineralization involves the removal of dissolved solids in water through ion exchange. Demineralizers do not necessitate special pre-treatment of the inlet water to achieve demineralized water quality. These plants find applications in various processes, such as the production of rinse water, process water, boiler water, and more.

  • Ion exchange

    The ion exchange technology is commonly used for water softening or demineralization but can also be used for processes such as dealkalization or sorption of heavy metals.

  • Reverse osmosis units (RO)

    Reverse osmosis (RO) units are used for continuous production of high-quality demineralized water without the use of regeneration chemicals like acid and caustic. Our product range consists of several pre-engineered standard plants capable of handling flow rates of up to 60 m3/h.

  • Nanofiltration units

    Nanofiltration (NF) units are used for reduction of organic matter, colour, sulphate, calcium, magnesium and microorganisms. Nanofiltration is a membrane technology, which in its mode of operation and construction is very similar to reverse osmosis. A nanofiltration membrane primarily retains divalent ions and larger molecules. When it comes to the filtration process, a nanofiltration unit is placed between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.


  • EDI

    Electrodeionization (EDI) stands as a widely employed and efficient technique for refining demineralized water produced through reverse osmosis (RO). It is effective in achieving further reductions in ionic impurities, including conductivity and silica. Typical applications for EDI are boiler feedwater at heat and power plants, process water within the electronic industry, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and laboratories.

    14 standard modules with flow rates up to 60 m3/h.

  • Deaeration and degassing

    Deaerators play a crucial role in minimizing the levels of oxygen, carbonic acid, and air in water, primarily to prevent corrosion.


    • CO₂ degasser
      - for removal of free carbon dioxide.
    • Membrane degasser unit
      - for removing carbon dioxide and oxygen from water without any chemical treatment.
    • Thermal deaerator
      - used for reduction of oxygen content in feedwater for steam boilers.
    • Vacuum deaerator
      - used for removal of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in circulating water at heat and power plants.
  • UV disinfection plants

    UV light proves highly effective in minimizing microbiological growth in water. This method of disinfection is suitable for almost all water types, leaving no by-products and preserving the taste and quality of the water. The product range comprises several systems for disinfection of both drinking water and process water. Flow rates of standard are up to 6.000 m³/h. and the systems come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

  • Dosing pump systems

    Complete dosing pump systems are available for both large and small volumes within flocculation, disinfection and pH adjustment. The wide range of chemical dosing systems are specially designed to make dosing available as a total package, without compromising the level of quality and reliability that characterizes the individual dosing pumps

  • Container solutions WTP-C

    A containerized water treatment plant is a comprehensive solution featuring pre-installed internal piping and wiring, all built within a factory setting. This ensures that the plant is fully operational upon delivery, offering potential financial advantages. Moreover, this approach significantly reduces deployment time.

  • Automation and controls

    Providing an extensive array of HMI and PLC controls tailored for equipment in filtration, ion exchange, membrane filtration, and EDI processes.

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