Auru- ja kondensaadisüsteemid

Steam and condensate systems are integral parts of industrial processes that involve the generation, distribution, and utilization of steam for various applications. These systems are essential for industries that rely on heat transfer and energy conversion processes. Thus, ensuring a system that offers 100% reliability is crucial. We are here to assist you!

FILTER Steam Boiler House with Semi Closed System in Lithuania
  • Enhanced efficiency, reduced energy costs
  • Compliance to regulations and standars
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Energy recovery and sustainability
  • System flexibility and reliability
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Our expertise

  • Steam heat transfer solutions

    Steam heat transfer solutions are engineered to optimize the exchange of thermal energy, ensuring your processes run smoothly and efficiently by maximizing heat transfer rates and reducing energy consumption. Benefits: high heat content, small bore pipework, easy temperature control, fast reaction time.

    Steam heat exchanger units

    Steam standardized heat exchanger units transfer heat between steam to some other medium – either some fluid like water or a specific product from factory. Steam heat exchanger loop is fully automated while ensuring smooth and safe heating cycles with efficient condensate return. Steam heat exchanger units are used mostly in cases where the desired temperatures are very high, the process is variable and changes quickly – heating up cycles for autoclaves, pasteurization and sterilization, CIP units, drying cylinders, presses as well as hot water production and heating of buildings.

    Steam-air heater units

    These units are designed to efficiently heat air or other gases using steam, ensuring precise temperature control for various industrial applications. By leveraging steam’s heat energy heaters enhance process efficiency, reduce energy costs. Typically used in air heaters (through air heater batteries) in productions or as a humidification system (direct contact).

    Steam-water storage calorifier units

    Steam-water storage calorifier units are made to store and heat water using steam energy to enjoy reliable hot water supply solutions that enhance convenience, efficiency, and sustainability in your operations. It usually consists of a hot water storage vessel with a primary heating coil inside. It can be used in various applications. Perfect use for hot domestic water heating system.

    Superheated water-steam generators

    Superheated water-steam generators are designed to produce high-temperature steam by rapidly heating water above its boiling point, these generators offer a dynamic energy source for various industrial processes.

    Heat recovery – flash steam

    Made to recover flash steam from your processes to be used for various applications – driving efficiency, reducing energy costs, and promoting sustainability.

  • Steam trap stations

    Eliminating condensate and air is a vital step, while efficiently returning condensate to the boiler house optimizes energy utilization – no matter your application. Safe and efficient condensate removal from the steam system reduces the risks of waterhammerring, vibration and ensures designed heat transfer in heat exchangers.

  • Steam separator units

    By effectively removing entrained moisture, we ensure the delivery of dry steam to consumers, which is vital for several reasons:

    • Dry steam contains more energy than wet steam.
    • Dry steam is crucial for meeting strict sterilization standards.
    • It helps protect systems and pipework from corrosion and scaling.
    • It helps avoid the deterioration of valves and flowmeters due to rapid wear or water hammer.

  • Flowmetering systems

    Whether for liquids or gases, our systems ensure precise data collection for a wide range of applications. Available in various sizes and configurations, these systems are easy to integrate and offer reliable performance for your specific steam/gas and/or condensate/liquid flow measurement needs.

  • Clean steam generators

    Un-fired clean steam generators ensure the production of pure, impurity-free steam using demineralized water, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. These generators can be heated with either plant steam, thermal oil, or superheated water. The units are constructed from stainless steel and come equipped with all the necessary valves, ancillaries, control, and safety devices to ensure the precise and safe operation of the steam generator. Our product range includes clean steam generators with a production capacity ranging from 70 to 5500 kg/h.

  • Culinary steam units

    Culinary steam units are here to enhance your culinary processes with a specialized steam solution designed to meet the standards of the food and beverage industry, such as the culinary steam grade (3A Standard 609-03). These units come equipped with a special culinary steam filter featuring a fine inner element rated at 5 microns or smaller.

  • Thermocompressors

    A thermocompressor is a device that uses high-pressure steam as the driving force to entrain lower-pressure steam, often exhaust steam, and discharge the mixture with intermediate-pressure steam. Applying the thermocompressor correctly into the steam and condensate system can save a tremendous amount of energy and reduce emissions.

    Thanks to thermocompressor technology, it is possible to use low-pressure steam, flash steam, which previously was not used due to its low potential and was simply released into the atmosphere/wasted.

  • Steam pressure reduction units

    Steam pressure reduction units are used to decrease steam pressure from the system to desired pressure used by the steam consumer. Regulating steam pressure is essential for safety and efficiency.

    Our units ensure easy but precise control, reducing the risk of overpressure and enhancing overall system performance.

  • Steam accumulators

    Steam accumulators are designed to store excess steam and return it when demand surges, ensuring a steady and efficient energy supply and minimizing boiler cycling, therefore reducing energy waste.

    Steam accumulators are mostly used in cases when steam demand is very variable (load jumps) and if occasionally the demand of steam is greater than the boiler’s ability to supply.

  • Steam collectors

    Steam collectors / steam manifolds are effective support devices for collecting and distributing steam in the boiler house and industry.

    Steam collectors are used when there is more than one steam boiler and/or when it is necessary to share the steam between many different consumers.

    Steam collectors supplied by us separate the condensate from the steam before the saturated steam travels further along the distribution pipeline to the steam consumers. Steam collector gives the opportunity to cut out some consumers from system without the need to close the whole system.

  • Desuperheating systems

    Desuperheating systems are designed to precisely lower the temperature of superheated steam by spraying water into it, ensuring the temperature matches your process requirements with accuracy, therefore preventing thermal stress and enhancing overall system performance. Desuperheater range provides turndown from 3:1 to 50:1.

Toetame oma kliente igal sammul, olgu see siis auditeerimine, süsteemi projekteerimine või vajadusel ööpäevaringne reageerimine tõrgetele
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    Süsteemi audit

    Auditite sisu ja maht vastavalt teie tootmisele, protsessidele ja eelarvele. Analüüsime, kas teie olemasolevad süsteemid on õigesti dimensioneeritud, paigaldatud ja teie protsesside järgi kohandatud.

    Tasuvusuuringud ja auditid
  • illustration

    Protsessi inseneeria

    Hästi läbimõeldud süsteem vastab teie valdkonna vajadustele. Meie kogenud insenerid koostavad projektlahenduse teie tootmise tõhususe ja töökindluse suurendamiseks. Meie fookus on kvaliteetsete toodete kasutamisel, mis tagavad pikaealisuse ja säästu kogu elutsükli jooksul.

    Projekteerimine ja inseneeria
  • illustration

    Projektijuhtimine ja realiseerimine

    Meie kogenud meeskond korraldab kõik vajaliku kokkulepitud lahenduse õigeaegseks realiseerimiseks. See hõlmab ehitamist, seadmete transporti, kohapealset paigaldamist ja kasutuselevõttu.

    Paigaldamine ja kasutuselevõtt
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    Regulaarne hooldus hoiab ära võimalikud rikked ja seisakud ning võimaldab kiiresti lahendada kõik tekkinud probleemid. Meie ööpäevaringne hooldusteenus tagab teie ettevõtte häireteta toimimise.

    Hooldus ja müügijärgne teenindus

Meie auru- ja kondensaadisüsteemide lahendused pakuvad meelerahu igale tööstusele

Filtreerime välja toote või lahenduse, mida teie ettevõte vajab. Aitame teil protsessi uuendada, luua uue lahenduse või pakume hooldusteenust. Vaata lähemalt meie auru- ja kondensaadisüsteemide projekte tööstusharude kaupa. Või uuri kõiki meie lahendusi ja projekte.

Is your industry using the most effective and reliable steam and condensate systems?

As a forward-looking industry leader, considering also the environmental impact is crucial. Sustainable systems are designed to minimize their environmental footprint. Assess whether your systems align with eco-friendly practices and regulations or order feasibility study and audit from our experts. Our team of experienced engineers provides tailored solutions for your industry's requirements. We begin by designing and optimizing your systems, then proceed to construct the solution and provide ongoing maintenance. These essential steps work together to decrease energy costs, enhance productivity, and minimize environmental impacts.

  • illustration Energy Efficiency

    Efficient systems minimize energy consumption and waste. Check if your steam and condensate systems are optimized to deliver maximum heat transfer with minimal energy input.

  • illustration Reliability

    Reliable systems reduce downtime and operational disruptions. Assess the frequency of breakdowns, repairs, and maintenance of your current systems.

  • illustration Safety

    Safety is paramount in steam systems. Evaluate if your systems adhere to industry safety standards and regulations to prevent accidents and protect personnel.

  • illustration Condensate Recovery

    Effective systems recover and reuse condensate, reducing water and energy waste. Confirm if your systems are designed to capture and reuse condensate.

  • illustration Heat recovery

    Effective systems utilize waste heat for other processes. See if your systems have provisions for recovering and repurposing excess heat.

  • illustration Monitoring and Control

    Modern systems offer advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Check if your systems have real-time monitoring, automation, and remote control features.

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