Heat exchanger solutions

We provide high-quality, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. From compact to large substations, choose skid-base or standalone frame-base options. All our substations are factory produced, including all components, pipings, electrical/automation equipment and insulation.


  • Effortless deployment

    Pre-assembled, pre-tested, and ready-to-go for quick installation.

  • Quality assurance

    Top-tier performance backed by unique expertise.

  • Energy savings

    Optimal heat recovery for cost-efficient, sustainable operation.

  • Remote control

    Supervise and control from laptop, smartphone, or control panel.

  • Easy maintenance, scalable

    Simplified upkeep, modular design for seamless expansion.

Thoughtfully crafted heating and cooling substations

We craft our factory produced heating/cooling substations with carefully selected quality components from trusted partners. Our commitment to modern standards includes full 3D design drawings, a complete specification of details/parts and thorough documentation. This will give our customers the assurance that they will receive exactly the completeness and dimensions of substations they need.

The entire process is designed with the customer’s convenience, simplicity and benefit in mind.

  • Our solutions are pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-tested, pre-wired, and verified.
  • Easy to transfer to the technical room and install due to the narrow design of the unit and the frame.
  • A highly energy-efficient solution thanks to optimal heat recovery and low return temperatures.
  • Modular component and piping solutions make installation easy and options are easy to add.
  • Easy to maintain.

Our expertise

  • District heating and cooling substations

    Domestic hot water and space heating for multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, public buildings, commercial centers & industrial buildings. For newly built and renovation projects.

    District cooling substations are suitable for a wide range of uses when connecting different types of buildings such as offices, public buildings, commercial buildings, etc. to the district cooling network. The heat exchangers are optimized for either heating and cooling applications to meet the specific needs of the utility grid and the consumer. These heat exchanger units capacities are based on need – starting from a few kw to MW-s of thermal capacity.

    District heating substations


  • Industrial heat transfer packages

    Usually they are taylor-made heating and cooling substations. These substations can be customized according to customer’s requirement, using different heat exchanger types, special components, etc. Heat transfer packages for industrial cooling systems are comprehensive systems designed to efficiently transfer heat from industrial processes or equipment to a cooling medium, such as water or air. These packages typically consist of various components and subsystems carefully integrated to meet the specific cooling requirements of industrial applications: heat exchangers, pumps, regulation valves, isolation and drainage valves, safety equipment, sensors, instruments and more, all installed on a compact frame.

    These are the units connecting the consumer of cooling energy (industrial equipment, building cooling) and the producers of cooling energy (like cooling towers, chillers, compressor units).


  • Steam substations

    Steam heat exchanger units

    Steam standardized heat exchanger units transfer heat between steam to some other medium – either some fluid like water or a specific product from factory. Steam heat exchanger loop is fully automated while ensuring smooth and safe heating cycles with efficient condensate return. Steam heat exchanger units are used mostly in cases where the desired temperatures are very high, the process is variable and changes quickly – heating up cycles for autoclaves, pasteurization and sterilization, CIP units, drying cylinders, presses as well as hot water production and heating of buildings.

    Clean steam generators

    Un-fired clean steam generators ensure the production of pure, impurity-free steam using demineralized water, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. These generators can be heated with either plant steam, thermal oil, or superheated water. The units are constructed from stainless steel and come equipped with all the necessary valves, ancillaries, control, and safety devices to ensure the precise and safe operation of the steam generator. Our product range includes clean steam generators with a production capacity ranging from 70 to 5500 kg/h.


Our solutions provide peace of mind for any industry

Our team of experienced engineers provides tailored solutions for your industry’s requirements. We begin by designing and optimizing your systems, then proceed to construct the solution and provide ongoing maintenance. These essential steps work together to decrease energy costs, enhance productivity, and minimize environmental impacts. Explore our heat exchanger solution projects by industry or view all industries.

We're here to support you every step of the way, whether it's auditing, building a system, or offering 24/7 response to failures if needed
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    System Audit

    Audits are tailored to your process or application and your budget. We analyze whether your systems are properly sized, configured, and tailored to your processes.

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    Process Engineering

    A well-designed system meets your industry's needs. Our engineers will formulate a plan to enhance efficiency and reliability. Our focus is on delivering quality products that ensure longevity and savings over time.

    Projektēšanas pakalpojumi
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    Project Management and Realization

    Our experienced team will arrange everything necessary to deliver the agreed solution on time. This includes construction, equipment transport, on-site installation, and commissioning.

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    Regular maintenance prevents future problems and allows you to quickly resolve any issues that arise. Our 24/7 breakdown response ensures your business runs uninterrupted.

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