Trigeneration natural gas power plant 7600 kW

Trigeneration natural gas power plant 7600 kW
Aasta 2024
Asukoht Bulgaria
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  • Tööstuslikud jahutustornid ja kuivjahutid

Innovative trigeneration: a high-efficiency natural gas power plant project

This is our project, a high-efficiency natural gas power plant with trigeneration capabilities and a total capacity of 7600 kW.  This facility includes two cogeneration modules that generate hot water and electricity from natural gas, and a two-pass steam generator that uses exhaust gases to produce steam.  In the second phase of the project, we integrated a cooling system utilizing hot water, achieving full trigeneration capability.  This phase includes three absorption chillers (L270HH – 500 kW, L300HH – 600 kW, L375HH – 700 kW) from World Energy Absorption Chillers Europe LTD, alongside three MARLEY cooling towers (AQ 495M – 1100 kW, AQ 496K – 1300 kW, AQ 496M – 1540 kW) by SPX Cooling Technologies UK.  Each tower is equipped with a comprehensive water treatment system featuring Grundfos chemical dosing, Veolia WATER TECHNOLOGIES & SOLUTIONS for water correction, and a HACH system for continuous monitoring and automatic drainage control.

At full capacity, the plant will achieve:

  • Electricity production up to 4000 kW
  • Combined production of hot water and steam up to 3600 kW
  • Cooling production from hot water up to 1800 kW

This project demonstrates our commitment to sustainable energy solutions and customer trust.

  • 4000 kW  Electricity production
  • 3600 kW Hot water and steam production
  • 1800 kW  Cooling production
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