Official service partner of Grundfos

Pump spare parts, repairs, maintenance, and warranty service. We supply a wide range of Grundfos products and their spare parts. We repair and perform maintenance on single-stage and multi-stage centrifugal pumps (submerged, console, and block types), eccentric screw pumps, dosing and diaphragm pumps, as well as pumps with other operating principles.

Grundfos pumps maintenance contracts

Grundfos is a global leader of high-efficiency, energy-saving pumps and water solutions. FILTER, as an official Grundfos service partner, offers various maintenance contract options for Grundfos pumps.

  • The contract can cover the entire pump system (pumps, pump drives, valves, check valves, filters) or only specific components of the pump system.
  • By signing a service contract, 24-hour service availability is ensured.
  • Telephone consultations, as well as special and urgent service calls by a technician, are provided at any time.

Continuous remote monitoring of the equipment ensures uninterrupted operation and maximum efficiency.


Preventive, corrective maintenance, and emergency repairs of Grundfos pumps

Depending on the specifics of the pump, we perform the following repair and maintenance tasks:

  • performance testing of pumps
  • measuring motor operating current and windings, and bearing temperatures
  • assessing the condition of bearings
  • checking oil condition and replacing oil if necessary (depending on the pump)
  • performing maintenance activities in accordance with the maintenance intervals specified by the pump manufacturer
  • replacing seals, bearings, and other necessary spare parts if required
  • inspecting the general condition of the pump station (checking pipelines, fittings, and fixtures)
  • aligning pump couplings to ensure maximum service life of components such as couplings, bearings, and seals, and to minimize damage caused by excessive vibrations
  • pump maintenance and repairs can be carried out at the client’s site or in our workshop

Preventive maintenance ensures:

  • Continuous monitoring of pump condition
  • Reduced likelihood of unexpected downtime
  • Faster detection of defects, resulting in lower repair costs

Grundfos products and their spare parts

We supply a wide range of Grundfos products and their spare parts.

Grundfos spare parts are high-quality components that enable you to optimise system performance and minimise downtime due to unforeseen breakdowns. Grundfos pump parts can be delivered as single parts or in bulk depending on your needs.

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