Valves and pipe ancillaries

Piedāvājam plašu augstas kvalitātes tvaika un kondensāta vārstu, siltumapgādes un ūdens armatūras, kā arī elektromagnētisko un pneimatisko vārstu klāstu, kas paredzēts tvaika, rūpniecisko gāzu, ūdens un citu šķidrumu regulēšanai un efektīvai izmantošanai.

Control valves
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Isolation valves: Isolation valves are essential whether you need to divert flow or shut down your system for safe maintenance of your equipment.

Steam traps: Removing condensate and air from your system is essential. Returning condensate to the boiler house maximises use of energy. We have the right steam trap for your application and the people to advise you.

Pipeline ancillaries: Clean dry steam is crucial to the longevity and reliability of your plant. Sustain that investment through easy maintenance and visual diagnostics.

Control systems: Simple self-acting controls to systems that match highly sophisticated control loops. Every control solution covered in our range.

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Spirax Sarco
ASCO valves

Isolation valves

  • Ball valves

    Strainers and filters

    We offer a comprehensive range of high performance, low cost ball valves for safe, effective shut-off. We provide a choice of body design, materials, connections, seals and options, plus specialty valves, all segmented for ease of selection to suit your requirements.

  • Bellows sealed isolation valves

    Bellows sealed isolation valves

    Our bellows sealed isolation valves are engineered to maintain plant safety and save energy by totally eliminating stem seal leaks. Zero emissions are guaranteed which ensures our BSA valves meet the most stringent worldwide emissions legislation. Maintenance free, giving long life and low cost of ownership. Unaffected by vibration and will operate over a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

  • Stop valves

    HV3 stop valves

    The globe valve is a cost effective general purpose isolation valve mainly used for isolation of steam trap sets across a wide range of industries, processes, fluids and applications.

  • Piston valves

    Piston valve

    Screwed and socket weld carbon steel piston type, in line stop valve for use on steam, condensate and liquid systems. Efficient. Accurate. Easy to maintain.

  • Butterfly valves

    Butterfly valve

    Our complete range of butterfly valves extends from general purpose to severe service models used for isolation and throttling applications. It includes resilient seated valves for long service life and bubble tight shutoff; high performance valves capable of temperatures from cryogenic to 1500°F (815°C) and pressures to ASME Class 1500 (PN 260); double flanged valves in sizes up to NPS 120 (DN 3000) and lined valves suitable for highly corrosive liquids, gases and slurries. With a robust construction and a high cycle life, these valves will lower your total cost of ownership.

  • Gate valves

    Gate valve

    Gate valves are primarily designed to start or stop flow, and when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction are needed. In service, these valves generally are either fully open or fully closed. Multiturn gate valves have a rubber coated wedge, with different coating types for the housing.

  • Solenoid valves

    Solenoid valves

    A solenoid valve is a type of valve that is controlled by an electric current. A coil of wire, also called an electromagnet, is energized to create a magnetic field that moves a plunger. This movement opens or closes the valve, allowing or shutting off the flow of liquids or gases through it.
    Whether your application requires directional control, proportional or miniature valve technology, we provide the industry standard for reliability, adaptability, and energy efficiency.


Pipeline ancillaries

  • Air vents and air eliminators

    Air vents and air eliminators

    Avoid leaving air in the system or wasting steam by venting air accurately. We provide air vents and eliminators to suit your application. Automatic air vents. Air vents for liquid systems. Thermostatic air vents for steam systems.

  • Check valves

    Check valves

    Complete range of lift and check valves available to suit any application.
    Effective minimal maintenance free solutions.
    Preventing reverse flow in pipelines.
    Compact design.

  • Depressurisation valves

    Depressurisation valves

    Complete range of depressurisation valves to suit your needs.
    Designed for industrial steam applications.

  • Diffusers


    Create a safe & silent environment when discharging to atmosphere, essential for Health & Safety compliance. Designed to be fitted to the outlet of a steam trap, air trap or valve discharging to atmosphere. Reduces the problem of noise (a reduction of 80% of sound pressure level at 1 meter). Reduce erosion by cushioning high velocity discharge. Meet factory noise level legislation.

  • Hosedown stations

    Hosedown stations

    Wall mounted unit that allows steam to mix with cold water to provide a hot water source for hosing down.
    Designed to provide hot water economically by blending steam and cold water quickly to the required user temperature.
    Unique single source supply for wash down installations.

  • Pressure and temperature gauges

    Pressure and temperature gauges

    Range of pressure & temperature gauges to suit any application, including a hygienic option.

  • Separators


    Separators – designed to gather small water droplets from steam and separate them from the pipeflow.
    Reduce wet steam.
    Maintain heat transfer efficiency.
    Reduce erosion and corrosion in your steam system.
    Reduce pipework and heating surface scaling.

  • Sight glasses

    Sight glasses

    Sight glasses allow quick & easy visual inspection throughout your system. Assess correct flow indication.
    Detect blocked flow.
    Identify any live steam or vapour leakage.
    Inspect colour of product throughout process.

  • Strainers and filters

    Strainers and filters

    High efficiency steam strainers and filters for better quality steam. Designed to remove solid particles from the steam supply.
    Reduce levels of contamination.
    Maintain quality of end product.

  • Vacuum breakers

    Vacuum breakers

    Used to break the vacuum in a system when the system pressure drops below atmospheric pressure.
    Protect your plant & process equipment against vacuum.
    At the same time allow condensate to drain effectively from pipework and storage vessels.


Steam traps

  • Ball float steam traps

    Ball float steam traps

    Extremely versatile traps. Work efficiently on both light and heavy condensate loads.
    Compact in size. Discharge capacity is high and continuous, ensuring maximum heat transfer.
    Ball float steam traps are the best choice for draining plant with automatic temperature control.
    An integral air vent is fitted as standard and a steam lock release is an option.

  • Balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps

    Balanced pressure steam traps

    Balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps adjust automatically to varying steam pressures.
    Excellent air venting characteristics during plant start-up and during normal operation.
    Large discharge capacities for their size. Robust design of the internals gives a good life expectancy.

  • Bimetallic steam traps

    Bimetallic steam traps

    Bimetallic steam traps can conserve energy by discharging sub-cooled condensate in those applications which utilise sensible heat.
    The most robust of all the thermostatic steam traps.
    Able to withstand waterhammer and corrosive condensate.

  • Inverted bucket steam traps

    Inverted bucket steam traps

    Inverted bucket traps are the most robust type of the mechanical traps.
    Able to resist waterhammer.
    With check valve fitted in the inlet, they can be used with superheated steam.
    Available with a wide selection of valve orifices for precise pressure and load matching.

  • Thermodynamic steam traps

    Thermodynamic steam traps

    Thermodynamic steam traps combine reliability, simplicity and efficiency of operation. With just one moving part – a hardened stainless steel disc – they give a blast discharge with clean, tight shut-off.
    Able to withstand superheat, water hammer, corrosive condensate, freezing and vibration.
    The TD trap is the first choice for removal of condensate from steam distribution systems.


Control systems

  • Control valves

    Control valves

    Comprehensive selection of control valves to meet every application.
    Self-acting temperature control.
    Self-acting pressure control.
    Piston actuated.
    Ball valves.
    Globe valves.

  • Safety valves

    Safety valves

    Safety valves are essential wherever a hazardous overpressure situation could occur.
    Safeguard against:
    Mechanical damage to equipment and surroundings.
    Loss of product and production.
    Damage to the environment.
    Injury and loss of life.

  • Desuperheaters


    Desuperheaters offer an efficient solution for the transfer of thermal energy in a range of applications. They provide the answer when the precise control and reduction of superheated steam temperature is required.
    Our engineers are able to provide the correct desuperheater for your application, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of industries including combined heat and power, oil and petrochemical and pharmaceutical.
    Desuperheater range provides turndown from 3:1 to 50:1.
    Spray type, venture and steam atomising desuperheaters cover a variety of atomisation requirements.
    Increase process efficiency – waste and residual heat can be recovered and recycled.
    No moving parts – virtually maintenance free.

  • Electric and pneumatic actuators

    Control valves

    Comprehensive selection of electric and pneumatic actuators to meet every application.
    Electric actuators – fitted to a valve that allows the valve to be operated remotely by an electrical signal.
    Pneumatic actuators – valve actuator that moves according to the amount of air pressure applied to a diaphragm.

  • Positioners, controllers and sensors

    Positioners, controllers and sensors

    Positioners – fitted to a pneumatically actuated control valve that maximises its operational efficiency by guaranteeing a set valve position relative to the input control signal.

    Controllers – equipment or program within a control system which responds to changes in a measured value by initiating a control action to affect that value.

    Sensor – in control terms, the element which responds directly to the value of the controlled condition.

  • Pressure reducing and surplussing valves

    Pressure reducing and surplussing valves

    Well designed steam systems produce clean dry steam for delivery at high pressure – the best quality steam at the lowest cost.
    Lower pressure steam is usually needed at the point of use.
    Effective control demands an automatic valve that can reduce steam pressure accurately, reliably and at a cost to suit the application.
    Self-acting valves (can operate without the need of external power).
    Pneumatic signal and actuator operated valves.

  • Self-acting controls

    Self-acting controls

    Self-acting controls are the simplest and most reliable solution for controlling temperature. They are accurate, reliable, easy to use, easy to install and easy to commission.

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