FILTER GROUP Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

This Privacy Notice provides you with an overview of how FILTER GROUP companies process personal data during the job or internship application process.
Employee personal data handling information will be made available to you upon the signing of an employment contract.


1.1 Filter Group companies / We, covered by this Privacy Notice, include: Filter AS, Filter Solutions OÜ, Savery OÜ, Filter SIA, Filter Latvia SIA, Filter UAB, Filter Sp. z o.o., Filter OOD. The data controller for your personal data is FILTER AS, who may, if necessary, use authorized processors and share data with FILTER GROUP companies or professional recruitment agencies with whom we have contracts.
1.2 You / Data Subject is a natural person about whom we have information or information that can identify a natural person.
1.3 Contract is an employment or internship contract entered into between us.
1.4 Privacy Notice is this text that sets out our principles for processing personal data.
1.5 Website primarily refers to the website located at but also includes Filter’s social media pages.


2.1 This Privacy Notice is intended for potential employees and internship applicants, i.e., candidates, and provides an overview of how we process candidates’ personal data during the recruitment process.
2.2 Additional information about processing may also be provided in a specific job advertisement or during the recruitment process, in which case the information disclosed there is supplementary and superior to what is provided here.
2.4 This Privacy Notice applies to Data Subjects, and all our employees and significant partners who have access to personal data in our possession are governed by the rights and obligations mentioned in this Privacy Notice.

Personal Data Processed During the Recruitment Process

3.1 We or our partners may contact candidates regarding potential job offers. Candidates can also apply to us for jobs themselves.
3.2 During the recruitment process, we may collect and process, among other things, the following personal data:
(1) Identification data, such as name, date of birth, picture, personal identification code, legal capacity, nationality, details of identity documents, such as number, name, issuing country, security features, expiration dates, and copies;
(2) Contact information, such as address, phone number, email address;
(3) Messages, notifications, and other communications sent to us or by us;
(4) Current and previous employment data, such as information about your current and previous employers, position in the company, etc.;
(5) Data related to your application, such as your CV, cover letter, job preferences, references, interviews, (suitability) test results, and analyses, etc.;
(6) Publicly available relevant data, such as checks in relevant public registers to verify specific information, public social media accounts, etc.;
(7) We may also collect personal data from third parties, such as professional recruitment agencies, referees, former employers, and background check service providers, to the extent necessary and permitted by applicable law. Additionally, we may share personal data with professional recruitment agencies with whom we have contracts to assist us in the recruitment process. During the recruitment process, we may request various information to help us assess the candidate’s suitability for the specific position.
3.3 We retain job applicants’ personal data during the recruitment process and for one year after the recruitment process to record the recruitment process and inform you of potential new job openings during that time.

Purpose and Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data During the Recruitment Process

4.1 The purposes of processing personal data are as follows:
(1) Determine candidates’ suitability for existing job positions;
(2) Verify the data submitted by candidates (including background checks);
(3) Manage the recruitment process and keep candidates informed of their progress in the process;
(4) Prepare job offers and employment contracts in the event of a successful application and assist with onboarding;
(5) Provide assistance with migration if necessary (e.g., work and residence permits);
(6) Inform candidates about our available job positions;
(7) Protect and enforce our rights and legal obligations;
(8) For business management and administrative purposes, such as improving recruitment and business practices;
(9) To make a job offer for a suitable vacant position in the future.
4.2 During the recruitment process, we typically process personal data as a data controller based on the following grounds:
(1) Legitimate interest, e.g., suitability tests, process management;
(2) Contractual basis, for preparing and fulfilling contracts;
(3) Compliance with our legal obligations;
(4) Consent.

Accessibility and Changes to the Privacy Notice

5.1 This Privacy Notice is available on our Website.
5.2 We have the right to unilaterally amend this Privacy Notice. Significant changes will be communicated to Data Subjects on the Website or through other means.
5.3 Changes will come into effect when published or as indicated in the changes.

Published and effective from: October 20, 2023.

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