Process instrumentation

We provide a complete portfolio process instrumentation, covering flow, level, temperature, pressure, and process analytics. Our offerings include meters, sensors, systems, and accessories, utilizing a wide range of measurement technologies to meet diverse industrial requirements. Process instrumentation is importnat tool in any industry that uses steam, liquids or gases.

  • Impoved process efficiency
  • Higher process quality
  • Improved safety
  • Cost reduction
  • Specific data

The benefits of process instrumentation

Process instrumentation such as instruments for level, temperature and pressure measurement are needed in a lot of processes in any industry. They will help you make the process more efficient by providing specific data. Process instrumentation reduces equipment damage and other safety risks. It’s very important to identify wasteful and inefficient production techniques, since in this case all type of costs can be easily reduced.

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  • Level measurement

    We offer transmitters, switches, indicators & bypass chambers and other accessories for level measurement. They are designed for continuous level and interface measurement or point level detection. Contact or non-contact measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders, solids, bulk goods etc. They are suitable for standard or demanding applications.

    We have level transmitters of various technologies for any industry: FMWC radar, TDR guided radar, ultrasonic, displacer, potentiometric, hydrostatic pressure. Pressure level transmitters are suitable for hygienic, marine, hazardous area and safety related (SIL) application. There are many types of pressure transmitters: differential pressure transmitter, submersible level probe and electronic differential pressure transmitter.  We can provide you vibration or capacitance level switches that are suitable for extreme conditions, hazardous and hygienic applications or safety integrity systems. Level indicators & bypass chambers are used for continuous level and interface measurement of liquids.

  • Temperature measurement

    We offer assemblies, sensors, transmitters and accessories for temperature measurement. Resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and thermocouples (TC) for industrial process and OEM applications. Various process connections are available. Temperature assemblies are with ASME-, DIN- and NAMUR-style thermowells or customer-specific designs.

    We can offer you temperature sensors from versions with built-in transmitters to mineral insulated cable designs. There are compact (RTD) and cable sensors (RTD, TC). We can provide you temperature transmitters from cost-effective analogue versions to digital, programmable variants with enhance diagnostics. Both head-mounted and rail-mounted versions are available for temperature measurement across a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Pressure measurement

    We offer process instruments for pressure and differential pressure applications. We have pressure transmitters, primary elements, diaphragm seals and accessories. They are suitable for a wide range or industrial applications with liquids, gases and steam. Pressure transmitters are used for absolute, gauge and differential pressure measurement. From entry level ultra-compact to advanced process pressure transmitters. For a broad range of applications, with metallic and ceramic sensors.

    They are suitable for hygienic, marine, hazardous area and safety related (SIL) applications. Our diaphragm seals are used for all process applications, they are up to +400 °C and up to 400 bar. Primary flow elements are needed for flow measurement in combination with DP flow transmitter. We have a standard portfolio for the most common DP flowmeters designs. Temperature is up to 450 °C and size is up to DN600.

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