Industrial boiler houses and plants

Our high-quality heat and steam-based industrial boiler houses meet the needs of a wide range of customers starting from district heating, food industry, paper and pulp industry, timber industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and many more.

We design, install, and commission boilers (along with burners) that are universally applicable, with sizes and configurations customized to meet each customer’s requirements. This results in turn-key boiler house solutions, starting from feasibility studies to on-site operation of the boiler facility.


  • Energy efficiency

    Efficiently generating steam or hot water allows industries to achieve significant energy savings

  • Scalability

    Our scalable solutions ensure that the steam supply remains aligned with evolving requirements

  • Reliability & process control

    Control is essential for industries with stringent process requirements, ensuring product quality and consistency

  • Reduced life cycle (OPEX) costs

    High-quality boiler house solutions are built to last, offering a lower total cost of ownership

  • Customized solutions

    Get a solution tailored to the specific needs of your industry

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Our expertise

  • Clayton steam boiler house for gas and oil

    Clayton steam generators produce saturated steam from 100 kW up to 13 MW and can produce even superheated steam. Clayton technology is compact, reliable, and efficient, available in various versatile configurations. Clayton technology can produce steam in 5 min even after a cold start.

    Available steam pressures starting from 7 bar. g and up to 200 bar.g.
    Available fuels: Natural Gas, LNG, LPG, Biogas, Light and Heavy Oils.

    A complete steam boiler plant skid includes water preparation, feed water system, blowdown system, fuel preparation system, flue gas system and if needed also a steam header, steam flow meter and steam pressure reduction equipment.

    Clayton steam boiler house

  • Electrical steam boiler house

    Turn-key electrical steam boiler plants are fully automatic and safe solutions to produce reliable and environmental friendly steam. Electrical steam production unit uses electrical energy to create steam and it can be done in all capacity ranges – either using a low voltage electrical heater or high-voltage electrode boiler. Electrical steam generation does not generate any emissions or flue gases inside the factory!

    Electrical steam boilers are available with outputs from 10 kW up to 20 MW and more.

    A complete steam boiler plant skid includes water preparation, feed water system, blowdown system, flue gas system and if needed also a steam header, steam flow meter and steam pressure reduction equipment.Electrical steam boiler house

  • Fire-tube steam boiler plant for gas and oil

    Fire-tube boilers utilize a robust design, with the hot gases flowing through tubes immersed in water, providing efficient heat transfer and stable steam production. Their versatility makes them suitable for applications ranging from small-scale heating to large industrial processes.

    Fire-tube steam boilers output range is 0.35 to 20.0 MW.

    A complete steam boiler plant skid includes water preparation, feed water system, blowdown system, fuel preparation system, flue gas system and if needed also a steam header, steam flow meter and steam pressure reduction equipment.

    Fire-tube steam boiler house

  • Thermal oil boiler house

    Thermal oil boiler plants are used in industries with high requirements on process temperature and steam is not used. This comes from the combustion of different fuels, such as biomass, natural gas, light oil or fuel derived from waste.

    Thermal oil boilers capacity range is 0.5 up to 38 MW.

    A complete thermal oil boiler plant skid includes thermal oil system, fuel preparation system, flue gas system.

    Thermal oil boiler house

  • Fire-tube hot water boiler plant for gas and oil

    Hot water boilers are used in industries to create thermal energy for processes and heating, such as building heating and domestic hot water supply. Water boiler plants are designed for high-demand heating and industrial applications. A complete hot water boiler plant skid includes a boiler, boiler controls and automation, a burner and fuel preparation system, a flue gas system (chimney), and heat-exchanger loops to efficiently transfer and divide heat from boiler to the consumers. The type of water boiler in the boiler house is selected based on specific needs of the end-consumer – it can be a condensing water boiler, steel boiler, cast iron boiler, electrical boiler, section boiler or a combination (or a cascade version) of these.

    Our capacity range for industrial solutions is typically between 0.5 up to 50 MW, available for both high and low pressure range. Water boiler plant efficiency, based on technology and fuel in use, is typically between 80% and 97%.

    Hot water boiler house

  • Biomass boiler house

    Biomass boilers represent a low-carbon and renewable energy source, utilizing plant material combustion to produce heat and electricity. They are capable of burning various biomass fuels such as pellets, logs, or wood chips, and can be seamlessly integrated into central heating systems. Our biomass boiler solutions, with outputs ranging from 400 to 15,000 kW, are tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements. We prioritize longevity, efficiency, and low maintenance in our solutions.  Our biomass boiler houses are designed or/and reconstructed with the most advanced technologies, drawing upon the expertise and insights of FILTER’s best specialists.

  • Mobile containerized boiler house for rent

    Filter containerized boiler house RC6

    We provide the option to rent ready-made containerized mobile boiler house with steam generators or hot water boilers. This serves as an excellent solution for temporary energy requirements, offering a completely autonomous steam supply system that can be quickly connected on-site and easily relocated when needed.
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Choosing an industrial boiler house solution

When selecting an industrial boiler house solution, it's crucial to consider various factors to ensure optimal performance, efficiency and longevity. We filter out the product or solution that your industrial company needs. We can help you to upgrade your process, build a new boiler house solution, or provide maintenance service. Contact us for consultancy!

  • illustration Define requirements

    Clearly outline your heating and steam needs, considering industry standards and regulations for your business. Match fuel choice to your region's access and cost, considering factors like availability of fuels, their cost and also sustainability.

  • illustration Capacity & scalability

    Analyze your facility's current and future steam needs for adequate boiler sizing and efficiency. Choose a scalable solution to accommodate future demand changes.

  • illustration Efficiency & emissions

    Evaluate the boiler's efficiency in generating steam or hot water, emphasizing features like advanced combustion technology for maximum energy savings. Prioritize high-efficiency models that minimize fuel consumption and comply with environmental regulations.

  • illustration Reliability & maintenance

    Opt for solutions with proven reliability, readily available spare parts and accessible maintenance support.

  • illustration Lifecycle cost

    Consider the total cost of ownership, factoring in maintenance requirements, fuel costs and potential energy savings over the boiler's lifespan.

  • illustration Expertise & experience

    Opt for a reputable supplier offering customized solutions tailored to your needs, with strong technical support, installation, and commissioning services while ensuring compliance with safety, environmental regulations, and industry standards..


Our solutions provide peace of mind for any industry

Boiler plant is a complete system comprised of several products. We are equipped to support you with all possible ecosystem products and services surrounding it.
FILTER companies until this day has implemented 220 oil and gas-based boiler projects (+1100 MW) and 16 biofuel fired boiler houses. Take a closer look at our projects by industry. Or see all our expertise and projects.

We're here to support you every step of the way, whether it's auditing, building a system, or offering 24/7 response to failures if needed
  • illustration

    System Audit

    Audits are tailored to your process or application and your budget. We analyze whether your systems are properly sized, configured, and tailored to your processes.

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    Process Engineering

    A well-designed system meets your industry's needs. Our engineers will formulate a plan to enhance efficiency and reliability. Our focus is on delivering quality products that ensure longevity and savings over time.

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    Project Management and Realization

    Our experienced team will arrange everything necessary to deliver the agreed solution on time. This includes construction, equipment transport, on-site installation, and commissioning.

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    Regular maintenance prevents future problems and allows you to quickly resolve any issues that arise. Our 24/7 breakdown response ensures your business runs uninterrupted.

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