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We believe that knowledge is a key driver of progress in the ever-evolving industrial landscape. That's why we've established the FILTER Academy, a dedicated initiative to empower industry professionals with the insights and expertise needed to navigate the complex world of energy, steam, and water solutions.

  • Stay informed

    Keep up to date with the latest advancements in the energy, steam and water solutions to remain competitive and efficient.

  • Expert guidance

    Learn from professionals and experts in the field.

  • Practical insights

    Gain practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your operations.

  • Industry insights

    Understand how industry-specific challenges can be addressed through smart and sustainable solutions.

  • Networking opportunities

    Connect with peers, share experiences, and expand your professional network.

Empowering industry knowledge

FILTER Academy conducts periodic seminars and workshops designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of cutting-edge solutions. Our educational events cover a wide range of topics, from energy optimization and steam system efficiency to sustainable water treatment methods. These seminars are tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals across industries.

Steam Laboratory in Filter Estonia

FILTER Estonia has a Steam and Boiler Laboratory that allows us to demonstrate the operation of gas-fired steam boilers, automatic equipment control, and opportunities for process optimization. We can demonstrate steam production and usage with different types of pressure reduction units, steam traps, flow/energy meters, heat exchanger unit and automation equipment.

Upcoming events

  • 9.01-10.01.2024 "Steam System Basics" seminar, Online and On-site

    FILTER Academy, in collaboration with Enerhack, is excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to enhance your knowledge in the world of steam systems. Our “Steam System Basics” seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of steam systems: calculations, steam system components and the roles of various steam equipment. Whether you’re a TechnicalManager, Operator, Technician, or just someone passionate about understanding the fundamentals of steam, this course is for you.

    • Steam main features and indicators
    • Steam traps and condensate pumps – working principles and selection
    • Essential requirements for steam and condensate pipes
    • Pressure and temperature control
    • Cost effective steam usage
    • Practical session of steam production and usage

    The theoretical part will be held on Tuesday (09.01.24) and the practical part, including starting a steam boiler and testing a steam stand, will take place on Wednesday (10.01.24).

    Read more and register here


    PhD, Emeritus Professor of The Department of Energy Technology at TalTech University

    MSc, Diploma Electrical Engineer, Senior Process Sales Engineer at FILTER.
    23 years of experience in developing steam and condensate systems and other energy solutions.

    MSc, Thermal Power Engineer, level 7, Energy Team Lead at FILTER.
    8 years of experience in energy solutions.

    PhD, Thermal Power Engineer, level 8, European Engineer, Engineering Team Lead at FILTER.
    15 years of experience in designing energy solutions.


    / 10:00-16:45

    Prof. Andres Siirde
    Introduction, steam calculations

    Peeter Kutti
    Steam main features and indicators
    Steam traps and condensate pumps – working principles and selection
    Essential requirements for steam and condensate pipes
    Pressure and temperature controlCost effective steam usage

    / 10:00-16:45

    Monika Kollo and Cathy-Liis Põlluveer
    Introduction to steam boiler plant components

    Cathy-Liis Põlluveer
    Practical session I – steam production

    Monika Kollo
    Practical session II – steam usage

    Read more and register here

  • Didn't find the seminar that interest you?

    If you didn’t find a seminar that addresses your precise requirements or if you’re looking for a customized educational experience for your organization, please get in touch with us. We’ll work with you to create a custom training program that equips you and your team with the expertise you need to excel in your industry.

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