1.2 t/h steam generator installation for oil industry

1.2 t/h steam generator installation for oil industry
Year 2020
Location Lithuania
  • Gas & Oil
  • Installation and commissioning, 
  • Maintenance and after sales service, 
  • Design & Engineering, 
  • Automation
  • Industrial boiler houses and plants, 
  • Deaerators and feed tank systems, 
  • Steam and condensate systems
  • Steam boilers and steam generators, 
  • Water treatment products, 
  • Pumps, 
  • Process instrumentation, 
  • Valves and pipe ancillaries, 
  • Burners, 
  • Heat exchangers

Vertical steam generator installation for boiler house operations

Installation of a steam generator for a boiler house is essential for efficient operation. Our solution includes a vertical steam generator with a capacity of 1.2 t/h, boasting an impressive efficiency rating of 95-96%. Alongside the steam generator, we provided a feedtank,  boiler feedwater pumps, water treatment system, chimney, chemical dosing equipment, and a comprehensive control system. Our scope of supply covers everything from equipment provision to installation, electrification, and automation of processes. We ensure seamless commissioning and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance over time.

  • 1.2 t/h Steam output
  • 95-96% Efficiency
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